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Jonathan Starrett

Brief Bio

Jonathan Starrett is a pastor, storyteller, author, and illustrator. When not writing books, he leads a children's ministry of over a thousand kids. He and his innovative team produce curriculum with an emphasis on family fun and storytelling. Jonathan's passion to make the Bible come alive in the imaginations of kids and their parents has helped him reach thousands of families in Tampa and beyond. Jonathan lives in Tampa, Florida, with his wife, Rachael; their two children, Elliott and Eliza; and their little dog, Dash.

Full Bio

Pastor, storyteller, author, and illustrator Jonathan Starrett is living proof of the importance of teaching children about God. He was taught about the Bible as a little kid, and he's used it as his guiding light through the many twists, turns, highs, and lows that led to adulthood. Jonathan considers it a high honor to help children grasp the power and mystery of the God who created them. He leads a children's ministry of over a thousand kids. Jonathan's use of storytelling, media, and fun to make the Bible easier to understand has impacted not just children but their families. Having reached thousands in the city of Tampa, Florida, and beyond, he and his innovative team continue pushing the boundaries of what's possible in children's ministry. Jonathan lives in sunny Tampa with his wife, Rachael, who loves to collect children's books, and his two children, Elliott and Eliza, who love to read. Their dog, Dash, unfortunately only eats books—never reads them.