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Jennifer Marshall Bleakley

Jennifer Marshall Bleakley is also the author of Joey, the Pawverbs devotional series, Project Solomon, and Finding Grace. Jen has a master's degree in counseling and worked as a grief counselor for several years before staying home with her children. Somewhere in between countless loads of laundry, library story time, petting zoos, and the blessed hours of nap time, Jen discovered a way to combine her lifelong love of animals and her longing to encourage others with her passion for writing. Jen often says that animals have much to teach us about ourselves, about each other, and about God, but in order to learn from them we must paws and pay attention. (She also really loves a good pun!) Jen lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, with her husband, Darrell, their two children, Andrew and Ella, and a menagerie of pets, including a rescue cat, a sloth-like bearded dragon, and a very needy golden retriever. You can connect with Jen online at or on social media @jenbleakley.