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Caleb Rouse

Stefanie and Caleb Rouse are relationship counselors, digital creators, and authors. They are dedicated to helping people in all stages of relationships attain a positive relationship with God, others, and themselves so that they can be empowered to act in love, selflessness, and self-control and as a result, have successful and meaningful relationships. Stefanie and Caleb speak daily to an audience of over 500,000 people across their social media platforms about faith and relationships. Known for their authenticity and vulnerability, they share stories of hope, loss, and love that inspire people from all around the globe.Before starting their online ministry, Stefanie and Caleb were teachers together at a private Christian school in Southern California. Stefanie taught biblical studies and relationships after being a full-time counselor, and Caleb taught AP World History. Stefanie's master's degree is in marriage and family therapy with an emphasis in theology, and Caleb's masters is in education. They have since taken their skills in education to write and create their signature online course called Cultivate Relationships where they serve their community of singles and married couples. They have seen massive breakthroughs in the lives of their students who have gone from brokenhearted to happily married. Their clients are from all over the world. The couple spent the first few years online as lifestyle and travel bloggers through social media, being hired by cities and top hotels from all over the country and internationally. Known for their beautiful photography and authentic voice, they shared their experiences and activities together as they got to explore beautiful locations and stay in the top-rated hotels in the United States.In 2022, Stefanie and Caleb published their first book, A Year of Prayer: Daily Moments of Contemplation, Devotion & Grace. Stefanie and Caleb have been featured in news outlets from across the world for their viral content on social media, as well as made podcast appearances together and separately on topics related to faith and relationships.Stefanie and Caleb currently reside in Pittsburgh, PA. They have two babies in heaven named Asher and Shiloh, and they live with their fur baby, a Pomeranian named Honey Bear. Stefanie and Caleb enjoy outdoor activities, adventuring together by exploring new cities and countries, and spending time playing board games and watching their favorite shows. They are hopeful romantics, and their passion is seeing others have a beautiful, healthy love story.Contact Caleb and Stefanie at or PO Box 378, Bradford Woods, PA 15015. Follow Stefanie and Caleb on Instagram: stefanie.rouse, calebjasonrouse, on TikTok: @stefanieandcaleb, and on YouTube: @stefanieandcaleb.