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Ada Yadeni

Ada Yardeni (1937–2018), born in Jerusalem, graduated from the Bezalel School of Art, where she received a diploma in graphic arts and calligraphy, and from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where she received a PhD in ancient Semitic languages, palaeography, and epigraphy. She specialized in the study of the Hebrew and Aramaic scripts and in the decipherment and interpretation of ancient inscriptions and documents, including documentary texts from the Judean Desert and the Aramaic documents from Elephantine. She designed a number of typefaces, one of which bears her name. Dr. Yardeni was one of the world’s leading authorities on ancient Semitic languages, palaeography, and epigraphy, and published several books, including The Book of Hebrew Script (Jerusalem 1997; The British Library edition 2002), and numerous articles on these and other subjects.