Christian Small Groups – Why should I Join One?

Written by Drew Moser Who am I? Why am I here?  Where am I going? These are deep, beautiful, and complex questions, and they are too important to only share with the voices inside your head.   I believe in the ancient practice of intentionally gathering with a few others. Another name for it is […]

Check Out These Real-Life Testimonies

While on their spiritual journey with Jesus, many people find the most compelling stories about Jesus come from the Christians they already know. If you’re looking for proof of Jesus’ ability, ask your peers about their own journey with Christ. Your own story can be just as compelling and is the most powerful tool you […]

6 Do’s and Don’ts of Spiritual Conversations

You might be familiar with the old Star Trek episodes in which Captain Kirk would encounter unknown life-forms on new planets and declare, “We come in peace!” Sometimes I think this declaration should be a mandatory starting point when engaging in spiritual conversations. We come in peace. It often feels as if completely different worlds are […]

6 of the Best Study Bibles

You want an all-in-one Bible that will provide not only the Holy Word of God, but notes, maps, guides, explanations, and deeper dives into the topics of the Bible. You want a study Bible. Don’t know where to begin looking for the one that suits you best out of the many study Bibles available? Let […]

6 Top Devotionals for New Believers

Spending time with God in his Word and relating that back to our own lives is critical for spiritual growth. But with so many devotionals to choose from, where do you start as a new believer and follower of Christ? Or if you want a gift for a loved one fresh in their faith, you […]

Best Bible Studies for New Believers

You’re a brand-new Christian, and you’re wondering where to start with reading and studying the Bible. It’s overwhelming, to say the least. There are so many books, chapters, and verses—some of which you may be familiar with, some you’ve never heard of (Numbers or Leviticus,* anyone?). But it’s all good—we got you. This is our […]

Three neon signs of the word 'perfect', demonstrating God's love for us all

Why are you a Christian?

Why are you a Christian? Have you thought about how you would answer this question? Would you agree with the statement: I am a Christian because God loves me? Perhaps you’re not even sure why you invited Jesus into your heart. He loves you so much that He is willing to forgive everything you have […]

A young man submerges in water, What is a baptism? Why baptism? What is baptism? what does baptism do?

What is Baptism and Are You Ready For Yours?

Baptism, often called “the first step of obedience” in following Jesus, is one of the oldest elements of the Christian faith, and represents your personal declaration of faith in Jesus Christ. Lots of people feel as though they want to run to their baptism because they’re so excited to declare their faith to the world. This may […]

How to Read the Bible (and Understand it)

The Holy Bible is the biggest-selling book of all time, with sales of over five billion copies and counting, and more than 100 million copies sold every year! It has been fully translated into over 530 languages and partially translated into more than 2,850 languages. It’s safe to say that the Bible is a pretty popular […]

The Buzz About Quiet Time

How good are you at taking some time to intentionally stop and just relax? Perhaps you consider yourself a world-class relaxation athlete, a Relax-lete, if you will. Some people may even think you spend a little too much time relaxing instead of being productive at all. But even if you’re terrible at chilling, there is […]

How to Pray, What to Pray, and Getting Results.

Prayer—hard to get into, hard to understand, and how do we know if we’re doing it properly?! The Bible is how God speaks to us; prayer is how we speak to God. Prayer is our way of communicating everything with God. It’s a huge part of our relationship with our Heavenly Father and should be […]

Damaged Goods: What is Sin?

Sin is one of those subjects often misunderstood, with many people believing that as long as you’re basically a “good person,” you’re without sin. It’s important to know that the Christian view of sin is quite different. What is sin according to God? To us humans, there are the “big” sins: murder, violence, theft, drug […]