The Bible is a book like no other. It is the Word of God, given to us so that we can know and love God well. That’s a very exciting thing, but it can also be overwhelming, especially since it is also an ancient book (actually, a collection of books) written to people in cultures very different from the ones we live in today.

We’d love to help you feel confident with reading the Bible, and we recommend that you Start with John.

The Gospel of John is accessible and relevant, and at the same time it is filled with some very deep theology as we encounter Jesus and learn who he really is. To help you on your way, we’ve created three different resources. It is our hope and prayer that one of these three will be helpful to you as you desire to engage more deeply with God through his Word.

Free Resources to Help You Start, Restart, or Go Deeper in Engaging with the Bible

The #John1Challenge

Take the challenge to spend five days immersed in the first chapter of John. In less than 10 minutes per day, you will read the entire chapter and then engage with five key themes that emerge in this fascinating opening to the Gospel of John. Download the free 5-page PDF, including John 1 from the Filament Bible (which works with the Filament Bible app).

21-Day Reading and Study Guide

Get the big picture with a 21-day guide to read through the entire Gospel of John along with some simple study tools. Each reading is accompanied by an Illuminating Question and a highlighted resource from the free Filament Bible app. Download your free guide (including the entire Gospel of John) and get started today!

Curious About Filament?

Filament combines the simple elegance of a premium text Bible with the powerful capabilities of your mobile device. You get the best reading experience a print Bible can offer and instant access to more meaningful content than you’ll find in any one study Bible or devotional Bible.

About The New Living Translation

The New Living Translation combines the latest biblical scholarship with a clear, dramatic writing style to communicate God’s word powerfully to all who read it. Nearly 90 leading scholars worked to translate the ancient Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts into contemporary English.