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5 Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Book Group

As a book lover, you may count down the days between one book group meeting and the next, eagerly awaiting the time when you gather either virtually or in person with fellow book-loving friends. If you’re new to a book group or even if you’ve been in one for a …

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5 Tips on How to Lead a Book Club

Who hasn’t been here before: your book group has picked a book to read and discuss, only to find that when you actually gather—virtually or in person—to talk about what you’ve read, you could hear a pin drop. The silence is even more daunting if you’re the one leading or …

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5 Tips for Starting a Virtual Book Club this Summer

Summer is a great time to dive into that to-be-read list of yours and enjoy some great reads. If you’re looking for a way to connect with fellow book-loving friends, whether they live near or far, hosting a virtual summer book club can be a fun way to keep your …

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Baking Emergency Substitutions Printable – Brunch at Bittersweet Café

We’ve all had that “uh-oh” moment: we’re in the middle of a recipe but realize we’re missing one crucial ingredient in our cabinet. Never fear!

In honor of Carla Laureano’s book Brunch at Bittersweet Café, we’ve created this handy baking emergency substitutions for you to print out and hang …