Video Story: Immerse Brings Unity to Multilingual Congregation

One of the most beautiful aspects of being a part of God’s family is that no matter our background, race, culture, nationality, or education level, we are all children of God. The Bethesda Community Church in Fort Worth, TX, is a thriving multigenerational, multicultural, multilingual congregation. Though united in love for God and each other, the congregation of English and Spanish speakers were looking for a way to grow together in community as well as in understanding God’s Word. Immerse: The Bible Reading Experience was a perfect fit. With all six volumes and resources available in both English and Spanish, the Bethesda family is growing close to God and each other by studying his Word.

Hear from members of the Spanish congregation about their experience. (The video includes English speakers and has English subtitles when the speaker uses Spanish.)

Learn more about Immerse: The Bible Reading Experience

4 thoughts on “Video Story: Immerse Brings Unity to Multilingual Congregation

  1. I am beiliver and I was interested in more of your church but I am in south Africa is it possible for me to come visit

    1. You will need to reach out directly to the church. Such an exciting congregation! Love seeing God at work in community.

  2. I’m some what confused. It was ask I am interested in your church I’m from South Africa can I come visit? The response was you will have to reach out directly to the church 🤔 Could you have said sure . All is welcome ? Then stating how exciting the church is. #JustSaying

  3. I do not attend the church. I work for the NLT. I live in a different part of the country. They shared their story with us and we are so thankful that they let us share their story with others. If you are interested in the what the church is doing I am sure they would love it if you contacted them. Sorry for the confusion.

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