We Want To Hear From YOU!

Unfolding Faith is developing a brand new podcast all about testimony – would you share your story with us?

A testimony can be about your conversion to Christianity, or it can be a way in which God has really shown up in your life. Perhaps it is a lesson God has taught you, or a  reminder He gave you. Maybe you look back on something in your life and can recognize now how God had His hand over you. Sometimes it’s an answered prayer, or a victory over a sin that had tight control of you.

Scripture, 1st Peter 3:15 from the New Living Translation; "And if someone asks about your hope as a believer, always be ready to explain it."

You can see examples of testimony here >>

Email us your story at unfoldingfaithmail@gmail.com – you may have it read it out on the podcast, or we may even ask you to record it for us!

Never thought about your testimony? It is important for you to write out your personal testimony—not for the purpose of memorizing and sharing it verbatim, but because it helps to put into words some of the important and interesting details of your relationship with Christ. For help forming your story, we’ve enlisted the wisdom of our friends, The Navigators, and pulled a framework for helping you to identify the ways in which Jesus has formed your story, and a format to follow. Just answer the below questions, write down some thoughts and pull them all together into your story:

A young man looks happy, as if he is laughing really loudly, as he shares his testimony.

“Here is a list of questions to think about when forming your story. This provides you a rough outline from which you can write sentences and paragraphs about your own experiences.

1. Before you met Christ, what were some of your needs, what was lacking, or what was missing in your life?
2. What solutions for your life did you try that didn’t work?

1. What were the circumstances that caused you to consider Christ?
2. Tell how you trusted Christ, and briefly include the gospel.

1. Give an example of how Christ met your needs or how He is now contributing to your life.
2. End with a sentence to the effect that you know that you have eternal life through Christ.”

A young woman in sunglasses laughs with glee as she shares her own story.

Yours may be a very complex story, but try to keep it short and succinct. Use the above guidelines to keep Christ at the center of your story.

We so look forward to hearing your own story!  unfoldingfaithmail@gmail.com