Greetings, blogophiles and bibliophiles. My name is Mark Taylor, and I will be contributing to the NLT blog from time to time.

In addition to serving as President and CEO of Tyndale House Publishers and Tyndale House Foundation, I’ve had the privilege of serving on the Bible Translation Committee for the New Living Translation. And more specifically, I was the Chief Stylist for the NLT.

I will be happy to respond to specific questions about wording in the NLT or differences between the first and second editions of the NLT. And since I’ve been involved in the NLT from the very beginning of the idea, I will post some entries about the history and process of the translation.

Some of you will already have recognized the family relationship–and that Bible translation is in my blood. Yes, my father was Kenneth Taylor, who was the translator/creator of The Living Bible. He also founded Tyndale House Publishers and Tyndale House Foundation, so I’ve been in the family business ever since I was a kid.

I look forward to interacting with you.

Mark D. Taylor