by Kim Adetunji, brand manager

Did you or someone you know receive a journaling Bible for Christmas? You may be excited to get started but aren’t exactly sure how. Or maybe you are afraid to mess up. Sometimes all the extra space in the wide margins can be intimidating. Where do you start? How will you identify what to journal about? What does a creative response to Scripture even look like? What supplies do you need? There are many great questions that people wrestle with when they are just getting started. But just remember, your Bible is the holy Word of God. And God speaks to you through his Word! Our goal as followers of Jesus is for Scripture to be written on our hearts so that we can live it out in our daily lives. We want to know God and to make him known, and we want to become more like him. Bible journaling can help us do this. Not only does it give us a beautiful, meaningful tool for Bible study; it also gives us a collection of entries that we can look back to time and time again and be reminded of truths from the Bible and of God’s faithfulness.

Our advice for those who are just getting started is: Just get started! Dive in. Do what feels comfortable and natural to you right now. Use supplies you already have. Let God lead you. Instead of buying all the supplies you see others using, be creative about using things around the house. Use a cool Christmas card you received to make an amazing insert, or place a picture of a family member near a Scripture you are praying over them. (Many people tape on such items by using decorative tape called washi tape, but any kind of tape works great!)

Your Bible journaling doesn’t need to be anything extravagant to be meaningful. This is your Bible. This is your time with God. Let God lead you, and don’t let your fears or questions (whatever they may be!) hold you back from jumping in. No matter what your finished page looks like, what is of utmost importance is being in the Word. Soak it in. Meditate on it. Live it out. Bible journaling is a mechanism by which we can draw nearer to God through his Word and through using our God-given creativity. We all have creativity, but it’s often expressed very differently by each of us. Don’t let all the glitz and glitter of supplies and techniques distract you from the One who is pursuing you!

If you are looking for more Bible-journaling resources, check out this 15-minute video by Amber Bolton. In it, Amber gives you a small taste of her two-hour-long workshops. You’ll learn about her 4-Step Bible Study Process and find encouragement to get started. The video is a study of 1 John 4:7-21. Get out your Bible and let’s get started!

In this video, Amber is using the Inspire PRAISE Bible. Inspire PRAISE is the second Bible in the bestselling Inspire Bible line, with over 500 all-new line-art illustrations to color, including full-page illustrations. It has some special features that the original Inspire Bible did not have, such as thicker white paper, colorful vellum see-through journaling page inserts, stickers, and even a pocket in the back. There is a large-print edition now available as well, though it does not include the stickers or the pocket.

If you are ever able to attend one of Amber Bolton’s Inspire Bible TOUR workshops, we would encourage you to go! Or if you would be interested in hosting an event in your community, contact us. Workshops are for people of all ages and stages of faith. They are for those who have never Bible journaled before and for those who are experienced Bible journalers. Each workshop is unique because of the diverse mix of people that attend, and it’s a fun way to meet others from your community who are interested in Bible journaling. You’ll likely come away feeling inspired and blessed to be a part of the community of believers seeking to know God more through this creative avenue.

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