Tyndale House Publishers had the opportunity to partner with a Texas bookstore called Flint Gypsy, which frequently holds Bible-journaling activities, for their Journaling Under the Bridge event in Tyler’s tent city on Saturday. There may be no greater way to share the love of God than to meet tangible needs of those going through hard times. Flint Gypsy’s owners love Jesus, and they saw an opportunity to share God’s love with people in their community.

Journaling Under the Bridge was inspired by the story of a local woman who was living in tent city when her backpack was stolen out of her tent. Inside of her backpack were some of her most treasured possessions: her Inspire Bible and colored pencils. Reading, coloring, and journaling in her Bible had been a source of great hope, strength, and comfort to her through anxiety, depression, and abuse. After hearing this woman’s story, a vision was born!

Flint Gypsy set out to give each woman living in Tyler’s tent city an Inspire Bible of their own—and a Bible journaling workshop experience—so they, too, could discover the joy and hope found in God’s Word! Volunteers served breakfast and gave out toiletries, Bibles, and journaling supplies. They spent the morning worshiping, fellowshipping, and Bible journaling together.

We pray that all who received a Bible will draw ever nearer to God and discover the joy, hope, strength, peace, and so much more that God extends to each of them!

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