Tyndale and Oasis International recently signed the Africa Speaks Accord. The Accord refuses to accept that status quo of not keeping pace with the needs of the growing African Church and therefore it cannot be “business as usual.”

The far-reaching accord calls for:

  1. A culture of writing by African authors
  2. Support for African authors and paying appropriate royalties
  3. Self-sustaining publishing versus bible donations in Africa
  4. Viable booksellers offering affordable prices
  5. Use of technology and social media to widely distribute biblical content
  6. Resources in English, French, and Portuguese—three languages can disciple a continent

Home to the largest Christian population of any continent, most believers still have very limited access to the resources they need to deepen their faith and continue spreading the Gospel. More than 200 million Christians in Africa do not even own a Bible. Over the years, Tyndale and Oasis have collaborated to meet this challenge and most recently through joint distribution of the Life Application Study Bible and the Africa Study Bible. As the #1 and #2 best-selling study Bibles in Africa, these resources have yet to even scratch the surface.

The gap for materials in French is even greater than English-speaking Africa with over 100 million underserved readers. In recognition of this, a foundation in California recently awarded Oasis International a $150,000 matching grant to make the Africa Study Bible available in French.

By coming alongside Oasis International, you can be a global change-maker by providing this powerful discipleship resource for French-speaking Africa. Give or learn more