Do you have a closet where everything that has no place to go gets shoved? We do. And recently, the door didn’t close, which meant it was time for a purge. In addition to finding matchless gloves, some shoes no one in our house would claim, and an abundance of dust, I found my Bible from high school. Inside were photos with friends from Bible camp and items to remind tome of inside jokes long forgotten. But squeezed in the margins, next to highlighted text, and scribbled on the inside covers were notes, thoughts, and prayers that were important to me in those formative years.

There were areas and portions of the Bible you could tell were well-loved—read and reread—while in other places (I’m talking about you, 1 Chronicles),the pages looked like new. Sometimes it takes that extra something to get us out of the “these are my favorite verses” and into reading and understand the entire Bible as God’s revelation of love and truth to us—even 1 Chronicles.

For many, knowing where to start or how to get into reading the Bible can be difficult. Do I start at the beginning? Should I read the New Testament first or the Old Testament? Others want structure to help them stay on task, and still others are looking for a more interactive way to stay motivated. We all have unique roadblocks that hinder us from reading the Bible each day.

The One Year Bible was created to help people move beyond roadblocks into daily conversation with God through his Word. There are daily reading plan versions that have a portion from the Old Testament, the New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs each day. Or,if you want to read the Bible in the order the events occurred, there are chronological plans. Note-taking, coloring, and journaling provide more options to help you engage in God’s Word each and every day of the year.

So this year I am going to be on the lookout for buried treasure. Whether buried in the often-ignored junk closet or in the pages of Scripture I tend to avoid.

Check out a few of TheOne Year Bible options:

Daily Reading

Daily Reading with Coloring

Daily Reading with Wide-Margins

Chronological Reading Plan