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  1. YouthHOPE: Why I Hated Youth Ministry


     The Following is a Guest Post by Kyle Duncan, Assistant Director of YouthHOPE, and a partner with The Way. Make sure to check out YouthHOPE, and all of our partners, here.

    I grew up in a church.  It was a place where young people were shifted to some far corridor to participate in “Wee Worship” or “Junior Church” while the adults sat through “Big Church.”  I never missed Sunday School and had more than one decidedly un-cool youth minister.  I can attribute much of my early spiritual formation to one of those “t-shirt-tucked-into-jeans-with-no-belt” mentors.  His investment in me led to...

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  2. Welcome to The Way

    We’re glad you’ve stopped in. One small note to start: this is the beta launch of The Way site, so we’ll be tweaking things a bit until our live launch on April 1, 2012 (the day The Way releases). But we’d love for you to look around, interact with and create your own content, and let us know if you encounter any glitches. You can email us with any problems you run into.

    Now that you’re here, you’re probably asking, “What is The Way?”. Is it a book? A bunch of Jesus freaks? Hippies trying to make a comeback after...

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