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The incomparable Student Life Application Study Bible is a work of serious scholarship, exquisite design, and outstanding application. This student study Bible features the clear and accurate New Living Translation, is filled with thousands of on-page notes and resources, and goes beyond the conventional study Bible with additional study resources through the innovative Filament Bible app.

Graduating beyond the ordinary presentation and limited resources of other student Bibles, the Student Life Application Study Bible is in a class of its own with more than 27,000 on-page and in-app study notes and featuring a full-color interior design that marries historic illumination with clean modern elegance.


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In addition to the amazing resources found within the pages of the Bible, this study Bible opens a door for even deeper study by offering you access to thousands of additional notes and resources through the Filament Bible app. Scan the page number with your phone or tablet to open a vast array of resources, including articles, notes, videos, devotionals, interactive maps, and more all curated to exactly what you are reading.

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Life Application Study Bibles are
created for most members in the family.

With editions for adults, young adults, teens, and kids, there is a Life Application Study Bible for you.