You’re invited to host an Inspire Bible TOUR Creative Journaling Workshop with Amber Bolton!


Amber Bolton is a youth pastor and speaker at various camps, retreats, and events. Amber enjoys leading Bible journaling workshops and offering tips and advice on social media. Follow her @biblejournaling on Instagram or visit


Two-hour Inspire Bible TOUR Creative Journaling Workshops offer participants the opportunity to explore God’s Word creatively and experience a fresh approach to Bible reading. Amber Bolton will guide participants through hands-on activities to inspire creativity in their daily walk with the Lord. This workshop is designed to focus hearts on Christ as participants learn to color, paint, draw, and letter their way through God’s Word.


Workshops are available for booking. Friday evening and Saturday morning or afternoon workshops are ideal, but times and dates are flexible.


Host sites must be able to accommodate a minimum of 50 people including seating around tables with space for supplies and hands-on Bible art-journaling activities.


Workshops are for everyone who wants to engage with the Bible more deeply and learn a new approach to Bible reading that can foster a deeper connection with God through coloring, journaling, and creating original art. Attendees who enter the workshop experience with open hearts toward God and a willingness to leave their creative inhibitions at the door are often surprised to discover a whole new way to engage with the Bible. Many participants find that God speaks to them in fresh ways through familiar verses as they put color, imagery, or words to Bible passages they have read.


Inspire—the Bible for coloring and creative journaling—has over 450 Scripture line-art illustrations to color, plus extra space in the wide margins to journal and create original art. Inspire has revitalized Bible reading for countless people around the world as they are finding themselves spending more time than ever before reading, studying, meditating on, and engaging with God’s Word. Inspire Bible TOUR Creative Journaling Workshops aim to help people experience and discover for themselves the life-giving joy of responding to Scripture creatively.

Workshops are centered on exploring God’s Word together creatively with guided learning and hands-on activities.


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“God’s Word is alive, and it can change lives, so thank you for giving me a wonderful way to study Scripture and want to delve deeper into it.”