When fear creeps in, God says you are held.

When you wonder if anyone notices, God says you are important.

When you feel lost in the mundane, God says you have a purpose.

When you feel isolated, God says you are not alone.

Why read theDaySpring Hope and Encouragement Bible?

TheDaySpring Hope & Encouragement Bibleamplifies twelve indisputable truths about who you are in Christ such as you are known, you are blessed, and you have a reason for hope. These truths equip you to recognize and embrace your treasured place in God’s heart. Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to face any challenge, step into your toughest calling, and live the adventure God has for you.

Cover of the Hope and Encouragement Bibel by Tyndale House Publishers

12 Indisputable Truths

God deeply loves you. He chose you before you chose him. You are his cherished child.

God is always near. Whatever you are going through today, he is there. His presence is constant and caring.

God understands and enjoys every little detail about you. He delights in you as you are.

God has placed you at this time for this very moment to have a great and profound impact.

God gave his very life for you. You are free from your past and equipped for the future.

You are God’s very own creation from his imagination. He made only one of you and delights in your uniqueness.

God has prepared an exciting path ahead of you to accomplish his plans.

God knows your needs and is reaching toward you to meet them. He is providing you with all you need to get through this.

God gives you everything you need to accomplish his purposes. You lack nothing.

Every good thing in your life comes from him.

God is with you and showing you the way. You have his Spirit in you, directing you and guiding you.

God is a miracle worker. He always has something better ahead of you and is working on your behalf. He is planning your tomorrow in this life and in eternity.

We all have times in our lives when we feel like we can’t find or hold on to hope. And it’s easy to get caught up in the distractions and troubles in this world. But what would happen if we took our focus off of the trials we are facing and instead set our minds on things above? If we instead focused on God’s heart for us, we could rest in his peace, fully knowing that we are loved by an almighty Father who is the King of all kings.

Throughout the pages in this Bible, you will find twelve life-changing truths that highlight different dimensions of our identity as children of God through Christ’s saving work.



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