God’s Truth for Kids on the Go.

A Bible to Transform Kid's Hearts

The Go Bible is full of amazing stories about people and situations God used to change the world! The Go Bible makes it fun and easy for kids to understand the fascinating accounts of God’s heart-changing power in His overarching story. In the Go Bible, you’ll find the complete NLT text in a kid-friendly format making it easy for kids to read and understand. Most importantly, kids will realize how the truth of these stories impacts their lives today.

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600+ Colorful and Engaging Features

160 Know, Grow, Go

Mini devotions that teach children to know God’s Word, grow their faith, and go share it with others.

125 Key Verse Challenges

Interactive challenges that make memorizing scripture an enjoyable and achievable journey.

150 Factoids

Interesting and fun facts about life in Bible times that make learning fun.

25 True Tales of Transformed People

Inspiring snapshots of people whose lives were forever changed by God, showing his power can change anyone’s story.

125 Choose to Change

Real-life scenarios that empower children to apply their Bible knowledge to solve modern-day challenges.

66 Book Introductions

Contextual insights that help children grasp the significance of each book in the Bible, making the stories even more relatable.

20 Big Ideas in the Bible

In-depth illustrations that bring important moments to life, sparking curiosity and a deeper understanding.

8 Full-color maps

Detailed maps that transport children to key locations, enhancing their comprehension of biblical places and journeys.


Free Go Bible Sampler

Dive into the fascinating books of Genesis and Matthew with this free Go Bible sampler, giving you a taste of how God's word can transform lives.


Free Coloring Pages

Watch as your children's hearts are touched by the Word of God while they enjoy coloring these beautiful Bible story illustrations.


Key Verse Challenge: Scripture Memory Cards

Full-color Bible verse cards with the memory verses and memorization activities.

  • Over 125 key verses to memorize
  • Creative key verse challenges to make memorization fun, active, and engaging
  • Encouragement cards to share with friends and family
  • A practical guide to following Jesus
  • Kid-friendly glossary of Bible words or phrases

This product is perfect for personal use, Sunday school and home school use


The Gospel Story for Kids

The Gospel Story for Kids features key Bible stories AND practical tips to sharing your faith.

This full-color gospel narrative spans Genesis to Revelation featuring beloved stories of Creation, Noah’s ark, Joseph’s colorful coat, Moses and the Exodus, the Promised Land, Jesus’ life, death, resurrection, the Great Commission and the New Earth.

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