War Room the Movie Releases to Acclaim! #BookGiveaway

September 18, 2015


Those of us who work in the Christian book industry are continuously immersed in media about the latest Christian media hit, whether that be a novel, a nonfiction piece, or even a major motion picture. At Tyndale House #Crazy4Fiction, we are very fortunate to work with many film houses on novelization projects (Sony Affirm for The Remaining; Old is New, LLC for Old Fashioned; MGM for the upcoming February 2016 remake of the acclaimed movie and novel Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ).

Having worked with the well-known Kendrick brothers in the past (producing the novelization for Courageous), we were very excited to partner with them for War Room, their movie on the power of prayer. While the Kendrick brothers’ films have always struck a chord at the heart of modern-day issues, we were very excited to see this film open up discussion on the importance of prayer in our daily lives.

Since hitting theaters August 28, War Room’s success has shocked critics as it has risen to the top of the box office. Check out a few interesting articles on the movie’s success:


As we know, prayer is vital in our own personal battles as well as those we face collectively as a society. The message of War Room is a hopeful call for Christians to prioritize their prayer lives.

In celebration of War Room’s success, we are giving away five copies of the novelization. All you need to do is leave a comment sharing your favorite Bible verse on prayer. Giveaway available in U.S. only. Winner will be emailed the last week of October.

Buy your own copy of the War Room novelization now!

God bless.