Fiction With a Mission: Author Jake Smith on Writing + Last Chance Giveaway

November 7, 2014


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Today, we wanted to share a great article by debut novelist, Jake Smith featured on The National Writers Series . This website is a wonderful source of writing inspiration as you hear from your favorite authors on the power of storytelling.

NWS Author Next Door Spotlight: Jake Smith

Jake Smith – dog lover, editor, and a committed writer who never let a rejection letter get him down.

How did you become a writer?
I inherited it from my dad – he’s a well-known outdoor book and magazine author and editor. Mom and Dad nurtured our imaginations very early on; my sister explored her creativity with music, my brother with art, and I used words. And then I got my hands on, surprise, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. That cinched it: I wanted to write something like that.

A newspaper column in high school turned into magazine articles that turned into non-fiction books that turned into magazine editing. Through it all, that high school dream of writing fiction remained, that desire to make people feel the way I felt after watching a powerful movie or reading an especially thrilling book. So I plotted and outlined and wrote one book after another – a novel a year for six years straight, from a sweeping medieval war epic, that I still really love, to a young adult science fiction saga, that I also still really love. Apparently, I was the only one who loved them, as they all met with great big piles of “no” from the literary world – 118 for one book, in fact. Yes, I kept track.


While stewing over Rejection Number 118, I forced myself to step back from the action-y stuff and think of something different. That something different was an image of a young father standing alone in the middle of a Major League Baseball field – in uniform, under the lights, the crowd going nuts – wondering how in the world he got there.

At my college graduation 17 years ago, my dad gave me a beautiful fountain pen, saying, “From one writer to another.” I have to confess that I never really felt like I could call myself a writer until I sold a piece of fiction. I used that pen to sign the contract for Wish.

How do you write? What is your process?
The fountain pen my dad gave me plays a role. Before I start writing, I sort of just hold it, say a little prayer for an open mind and vivid imagination, and set it on my laptop. And I listen to a lot of movie soundtracks.

Who are your favorite authors?
I wish I could mention some obscure writer to send everyone scrambling to the bookstore, but I have to go with the aforementioned Tolkien, of course; and I love the Harry Potter series (I told you I was a nerd). The imagination in Rowling’s and Tolkien’s works is simply astounding. Actually, the world of Young Adult adventure literature right now is amazingly rich with fabulous authors and stories – which I’m absorbing through my three kids. Dan Walsh’s The Discovery (a novel within a novel) is a delight. And Traverse City’s Doug Stanton: his novel-esque treatment of non-fiction events, with so much painstaking research… wow.

Head over to The National Writers Series to read more and get to know Jake Smith!

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