Did you know . . . today is the National Day of Prayer?

May 7, 2015


Today—Thursday, May 7—is the National Day of Prayer in the United States. People all across the country are dropping to their knees and remembering to spend some solitary time conversing with the Lord.


There are countless reasons to pray: out of joy, thankfulness, sorrow, when searching for answers—and in times when nothing else will do. Did you know that over 100 years ago, an unprecedented call to action by then-monarch King George VI occurred during the brutal evacuation of Dunkirk? The Germans had the Allied forces cornered, and Churchill called for all boats, large and small, to come to the aid of these brave soldiers while the king beseeched the nation to unite in a day of prayer.

And a miracle took place. Though it seemed impossible at first, over 300,000 men were ferried to safety that week by around 800 civilian boats.

Two touching books centering on the power of prayer.
Two touching books centering on the power of prayer.

In her latest historical novel, Maggie Bright, Tracy Groot explores this incredible event and takes us to the front lines with one such boat that traverses the dangerous waters to save the troops as the people of Britain bend their heads in prayer.

But prayer is not just for moments of struggle. We must pray each day, intentionally.

War Room the latest movie from the Kendrick brothers, explores the importance and effectiveness of prayer and reminds us to pray throughout our daily struggles and triumphs. In the novelization, author Chris Fabry goes deeper into the characters’ internal struggles and their journeys as prayer takes them through many highs and lows.

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Have a blessed day, readers, and remember to take some time today to pray!