5 Novels to Gift for Mother’s Day

April 23, 2021


5 Novels to Gift the fiction love for Mother's DayWith Mother’s Day coming soon, maybe you’re on the lookout for a story to entertain and inspire a mother figure in your life. In this post, we’ll highlight five novels that feature characters approaching motherhood in many different ways. Read on to discover which one might be perfect for you to gift this season.

The Southern fiction novel 'Til I Want No More by Christy Award-winning author Robin W. Pearson, author of A Long Time Comin'In the new Southern family drama ‘Til I Want No More, Maxine Owens has pledged her heart to Theodore Charles, the man she’ll promise to love, honor, and obey in front of God and everybody. At least that’s what she’s telling people. No one, including the newly returned JD, who seems intent on toppling Maxine’s reconstructed life, is buying it—except the dog and the readers of Maxine’s column. As her wedding date approaches, Maxine confronts what it means to be really known and loved by examining what’s buried in her own heart and exposing truth that has never seen the light of day.

‘Til I Want No More by Robin W. Pearson is a great pick for the women in your life who love stories of mothers and daughters on the path to healing the hurts caused by each other’s choices.

The Curator's Daughter, a time-slip novel by Carol-Award winning novelist Melanie DobsonIn the time-slip novel The Curator’s Daughter, a prayer labyrinth becomes the storehouse for Hanna Tillich’s secrets during World War II. Forced to marry an SS officer and adopt a young girl, Hannah soon comes to love Lilly as her own daughter. But what Hanna’s hidden and what she begins to uncover could put them both in danger. Eighty years later, Ember Ellis, a Holocaust researcher, reconnects with a former teacher. Mrs. Kiehl describes her mother as “a friend to the Jewish people,” and yet her mother once worked for the Nazi Ahnenerbe. Wondering how both could be true, Ember helps Mrs. Kiehl regain her fractured childhood memories of World War II while at the same time confronting the heartache of her own secret past—and the person who wants to silence Ember forever.

The Curator’s Daughter by Melanie Dobson is a great pick for the women in your life who enjoy inspiring historical and contemporary fiction featuring heroic mothers who risk their own lives to protect their children.

Sea Glass Castle by bestselling contemporary romance and Southern fiction novelist T. I. Lowe, author of Under the MagnoliasIn the contemporary romance novel Sea Glass Castle, single mother Sophia Prescott has returned to Sunset Cove and is mending from the embarrassment of a highly publicized divorce from a pro football player. Sophia doesn’t think there’s any hope for starting over until an unexpected trip to the pediatrician’s office gives her a second chance after all.

After his wife’s death, pediatrician Weston Sawyer packed up and left swampy southern Alabama for South Carolina with the hope of fading into the sleepy coastal town of Sunset Cove. Instead, feisty brunette Sophia Prescott will have him braving something different and entirely unexpected. If Sophia and Wes can take the leap to give love another try, they just might find that hope has a way of coming back around and weaving into one’s heart.

Sea Glass Castle by T. I. Lowe is a great pick for the women in your life who love contemporary romances featuring strong women who rise above heartache to create a new path forward for themselves and their family.

Daughter of Rome by bestselling fiction novelist Tessa AfsharIn the biblical fiction novel Daughter of Rome, Priscilla is a woman with a devastating secret. Aquilla is a man bent on proving his worth. A chance encounter catapults them into the heart of history. Their courtship is unwittingly shadowed by murder and betrayal, and Priscilla and Aquila slowly work to build a community of believers, while their lives grow increasingly complicated thanks to a shaggy dog, a mysterious young runaway, and a ruthless foe desperate for love. But when they’re banished from their home by a capricious emperor, they must join forces with an unusual rabbi named Paul and fight to turn treachery into redemption.

Daughter of Rome by Tessa Afshar is a great pick for readers who enjoy inspirational stories about women who long for families of their own and find them when they least expect it.

The women's fiction novel How the Light Gets in by award-winning Amish fiction author Jolina PetersheimIn the women’s fiction novel How the Light Gets In, Ruth Neufeld travels to Wisconsin with her young daughters and mother-in-law to bury her husband after he is killed working for a relief organization overseas. Sifting through memories of a marriage broken long before her husband died, Ruth finds solace in the beauty of the land and encounters the possibility of new love with Elam, whose gentle encouragement awakens hopes and dreams she thought she’d lost forever. But an unexpected twist threatens to unseat the happy ending Ruth is about to write for herself, and she must make an impossible decision: which path to choose if her husband isn’t dead after all.

How the Light Gets In by Jolina Petersheim is a great read for women who enjoy stories about mothering through difficult seasons and finding hope and joy in the journey.

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