Save 35% Off The Swindoll Study Bible

Save 35% Off The Swindoll Study Bible

During this busy holiday season it’s easy to get distracted, overwhelmed, and just plain worn out. Sometimes in all the hustle and bustle we forget why the season matters in the first place. I just re-read Chuck’s application article in Luke 2 entitled “The Gift We Need” (you can find it on page 1229). It’s a great reminder and I love the call out:

Christmas is about God’s love for the world. It’s about God’s gift to us.

What a great reminder! I love how practical Chuck is, and I love that you can practically feel the joy oozing out of him. We are excited that we have been able to partner with Chuck Swindoll to publish this Bible. Like Chuck we want to help people to walk closer with Jesus.

Because we believe in this Bible and we know you do to, we are giving you a special code for the week of December 11-17, 2017 for 35% off the purchase of The Swindoll Study Bible with promo code SWINDOLL35. Share it with a family member or friend so they too can be blessed by Chuck’s biblical insight for living.

Save 35% on all three bindings:

The Swindoll Study Bible NLT Hardcover

The Swindoll Study Bible NLT, LeatherLike, Brown/Teal TuTone

The Swindoll Study Bible NLT, LeatherLike, Brown/Tan TuTone

If you have the chance, please post a review on, or about the Bible so that more people can learn about and benefit from Chuck’s warm, practical, biblical insight for living. If you are at all like me, you want to hear what has impacted other people as you consider purchasing any product, but especially a Bible. So your review could really help someone to see how Chuck’s words and, more importantly, the Scriptures themselves speak to the real-world issues we face today. What is it about Chuck’s teaching that helps you walk closer with Jesus? What feature or features are your favorite and why? Is there a specific passage or quote from Chuck in the Bible that really hits home for you?

We hope that it ministers to you both during this Christmas season and for years to come. Thank you as well for helping us to partner with Chuck on this Bible. We believe that it will help others walk closer with Jesus, and we’re glad you do too.

For Tyndale Bibles,

Kevin R. O’Brien, ThM
Brand and Product Manager, Study Bibles and Reference

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