Quick-N-Easy Thanksgiving Placecard Holders

Preparing the table for Thanksgiving can be a family affair, even for the smallest children. These quick and easy Thanksgiving table decorations will help instill the value of hospitality and make people feel welcome!

 Here is what you need: 
•Small clear jars (Baby food jars work well. I used spice jars.)
•Thanksgiving stickers (Faith That Sticks Give Thanks to the Lord and Fall Fun )
•Craft sticks
•Colored pencils, markers, or crayons
•Candy corn or multi colored popcorn kernels

 Step 1: 
Decorate the craft sticks with markers, crayons or colored pencils. Be sure to do both sides! Write the name of one guest on the end of each stick.

 Step 2: 
Apply stickers to the jars. There is no wrong way to do this. Be creative!

 Step 3: 
Tie a ribbon around the jar. It doesn’t have to be fancy—a simple knot will work.

 Step 4: 
Fill each jar with candy corn or popcorn. If you’re creating the placeholders with children, make this a learning activity. Practice fine motor skills or math skills by counting the number of candies or kernels for each jar.

 Step 5: 
Insert the craft stick into the jar and put on your table.

 Happy Thanksgiving! 




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