One Sentence Storybooks by Nancy I. Sanders (author interview)

Nancy I. Sanders is the award-winning and bestselling children’s author of nearly 100 books, including the Get to Know series of biographies for kids, which features Jesus, Mary, Apostle Paul, and King David. She also writes for the highly acclaimed Adventures in Odyssey Imagination Station books, including the bestselling title The Redcoats Are Coming!


Nancy is passionate about children and teaching. In her  new series, One Sentence Storybooks, Nancy has created adorable and engaging one-sentence stories with Bible truths that kids can read all by themselves. This unique set of beginning readers plants God’s Word in their hearts in an exciting new way!



Check out our interview with Nancy below.


What are parents saying about One Sentence Storybooks ?

The first set of One Sentence Storybooks: Bible Favorites came out this past year. It’s been such a blessing to hear parents and grandparents tell me about the impact these early reader miniature books are having on their little ones. The main word I keep hearing is “confidence.” The unique format and repetitive sentence-building pattern gives even the youngest readers the confidence they need to be successful learners. They feel like they’re able to read an entire book and story from the Bible all on their own!


How are children responding to these sets of easy reader Bible stories?

Parents say they “catch” their older preschoolers reading these books to their younger siblings! One mom said their daughter felt so confident reading these books all by herself that she wanted to read them aloud over the phone to her long-distance grandparents.


What’s the most meaningful story you’ve heard from parents about these books?

Perhaps the most touching story we heard was how one family’s three-year-old son has autism and usually does not speak. While hearing these books read to him, he started repeating the key words out loud each time they turned the page. Soon he wanted to hug the books close to his heart, and then he tried to read them all on his own. What makes this story even more precious is that these books were given to this family as a gift. They don’t usually go to church, so this was a wonderful way to share the gospel with them and bring Bible stories into their home and hearts.


What are some of the special features included in this series of books?

Each Bible story unfolds as the sentence builds over the first nine pages of the book in a repetitive way, and has four key words children learn to read by looking at each of the corresponding pictures. After the story is done, the four key words and pictures are listed for review. Then there is “One Truth to Learn,” where the child learns the key spiritual lesson from that Bible story. After that is “One Verse to Say” that includes a memory verse to apply the spiritual lesson. “One Prayer to Pray” drives the lesson home in a simple prayer for the child to pray. On page 12, the very last page of each book, you’ll find “Look Back in the Book,” three simple games/activities for the child to do by turning back and looking through the pages again.




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