Meeting with God

Womens Sanctuary Bible

A sanctuary isn’t just a place to run to; it’s a source of refreshment and renewal. It’s a place for meeting with God to grow an intimate, life-changing relationship with him. The Women’s Sanctuary Devotional Bible will help you set aside the diversions of life and focus on God, his Word, and his desires for you.

What makes this a sanctuary? 

  • The New Living Translation speaks the language of your heart while challenging you to grow spiritually.
  • The Finding Your Sanctuary feature includes reading plans, introductions to each book of the Bible, and devotionals to help you prepare your heart as you meet with God.
  • My Daily Sanctuary  will help you meet with God every day via devotions specifically chosen to bring encouragement and growth. Every Monday you will find a heartfelt prayer and Tuesday through Friday enter God’s presence through the eyes of real people who have walked God’s path before you. You will find the greater truth of God’s love in and through the circumstances of your life.
  • My Weekend Sanctuary encourages you to spend your weekend with God in worship. Fifty-two hymns and the stories that inspired them offer a window to heaven.
  • Also included are a topical index, a dictionary, and a concordance.

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