Kid Talk Tuesday: Try Your Bible Knowledge and Improve Your Family Devotions

This week’s guest post is from Linda MacKillop, publishing coordinator. 


Are family devotions in your home dull, dull, dull? Do the kids fidget, annoy each other (and you!) with antsy behavior, looking around the room and asking the time, interrupting with totally unrelated questions, like Aren’t we going to have dessert, Mom?
When our sons were young, most family devotions seemed unmemorable and boring despite our desire to instill a love for God’s Word in our sons. We usually picked something to read from the Bible or a devotional book, that looking back, seemed inappropriate for their age. We prayed a simple prayer that usually included prayer for all our pets, and something intended to make their brothers laugh. Often Mom and Dad’s patience ebbed and flowed. We wanted the moments to be life changing for our sons, but we would have to admit most were not.
But Tyndale has a wonderful option for you to grab their attention – and hold it! The One Year Book of Bible Trivia for Kids offers 365 devotions for daily fun readings with trivia, and challenges and Bible knowledge.

Each devotion asks a trivia question with a multiple choice answer, then explains the passage and offers a practical way to apply the Scripture to your life. At the very end you’ll find the correct answer – after the kids have made their best effort to guess – and so have you! The subjects include questions about characters in the Bible, a particular Scripture reading, or a story.

Here is a sample of what you’ll find inside the pages:
Building Monuments to Yourself

Q: What structure did the people build to show their importance?
a. Mount Moriah
b. The tower of Babel
c. An Egyptian pyramid

After a devotional about the people foolishly trying to build a monument to themselves, the devotion brings the point home: Have you ever done anything to pretend you are more important that others?

Hmmm….that’s the kind of question that makes even a parent squirm.

Other trivia topics include:
• What son became the true successor to David?
• How long did it take to complete the temple?
• What event caused people to both laugh and weep from joy?

Maybe as a parent you’re a little rusty on Bible facts. Even adults will enjoy and be challenged by The One Year Book of Bible Trivia for Kids devotion. Pick up a copy today and liven up those family devotional times while instilling a love and knowledge of God’s word in the hearts and minds of your children. And a little healthy competition between the kids never hurt anyone!

For the next few weeks, we’ll be highlighting trivia questions from this book on our blog. Check back each week, post your answer, and you could win a One Year prize pack from Tyndale!