Kid Talk Tuesday: Bible Stories Made Fun & Interactive!

What’s cooler than a children’s book that bounces AND tells stories of the Bible? Read all about author Amie Carlson’s delightful experience with a box of books, a football game, and a happy toddler.


As an author, it is always fun to get the big box of finished books in the mail – but my copies of Daniel in the Lion’s Den were extra fun because I received them the day before I was going to visit my daughter’s college and see her dance coach, who has a 2-year-old boy, Jack. Not having many little ones in my life, I was glad to have someone to share these fun books with. Not only does it have a super cute handle but it actually is shaped like a lion and it BOUNCES! What 2-year-old boy wouldn’t love that? After a freezing cold football game, my daughter and I left the book for Jack in her dance coach’s car as a surprise. It was so fun to get a text a while later with a picture of an exhausted Jack playing with the lion in the car on the way home. Making kids happy with books is my favorite thing.
But I don’t love writing kid’s books simply to make kids happy. Stories are a way to share God’s love and promises at a level kids can understand. Daniel in the Lion’s Den is a story directly from God’s word. While Jack can play with the lion and make him bounce up and down, he can also look at the pictures and hear the story of how God rescued Daniel and kept him safe. While Jack may only be two, he understands being scared and needing comfort and safety. Every night when his mom or dad tuck him into bed, they can remind him that God is there keeping him safe until morning, just like he did for Daniel.

Jesus used stories to communicate important truths to his followers through parables – knowing the importance of story. The Lost Sheep (another Bouncy Bible Buddies story) is one of Jesus’ parables. The great thing about these sturdy board books is that parents can engage their kids through imaginative play while reading them (bouncing them up and down and reenacting the story). Additionally, they can teach kids about animals (the lion says roar, the sheep says baa) and stories from the Bible. Engaging in these practices while reading to children helps instill a love of reading in them – even at 2 years old like Jack.


Amie Carlson is a freelance writer who has contributed to 365 Pocket Prayers for Mothers and Relevant magazine and written for Willow Creek Community Church and the Willow Creek Association. She is the mother of two grown children.