Kid Talk Tuesday: One Year Devos for 2015

This week’s post is by publishing coordinator, Linda MacKillop.

Parents, pastors, and teachers all search for tools to keep culture from capturing kids while equipping them to love, think, and live like Jesus. Part of that equipping comes from encouraging young people to develop daily devotions. Many of us have found daily and structured Bible reading to be the best way to stay connected to God and grow in our faith. Tyndale has a line of products developed with this goal in mind to provide for regular time with God. Even better, we have a line for kids and teens! We think these One Years, as we call them, would be a great holiday option to add a spiritual dimension to your gift giving for any young person in your life, male or female.

Books such as Heroes of the Bible Devotional , are great read-alones for young people but also written with family devotions in mind. For kids and teens, learning to have a quiet time can be ominous, although we know this is a discipline that will change their lives. We believe these books will not only make quiet times easier – they will make them fun! Because the lessons come in daily bite-sized chunks, the habit of a quiet time won’t be burdensome with a product that is anything but dull.

And how about this for variety? We have One Years for girls and for boys . We have One Years for animal lovers with daily trivia about animals and a story connecting this information to the reader’s relationship with God, plus a Scripture, and a call to action. We have One Years for sports fans , for Girls Starring Women of the Bible , Bible Trivia for Kids , and we even have a Choose Your Own Ending One Year!

If you’re looking for help to liven up your family devotion, the One Year Josh McDowell’s Family Devotions provides great structure with a short Bible reading, a key verse, and a fun-filled challenging or inspiring story – all designed to enable you to pass on Biblical values to your children.

Building habits takes times, so it’s important to remember not to be hard on yourself or your kids if your family struggles with consistency. Just try again the next day if you miss one of the lessons. When you begin to see the fruit of spiritual growth in your kids and family, you will appreciate the result of these study times. For anyone who needs a resource to structure and set goals for their family’s quiet times, these One Years are perfect!

Any of these books would make the perfect Christmas gift for kids or parents. Consider putting them on your shopping list today! This holiday season, may His spirit pour down over you and your children always, keeping you in Christ as you help your kids to grow with God the One Year way!