Kid Talk Tuesday: Hunting for Easter

This week’s guest post is from Linda MacKillop, publishing coordinator. 

During my sons’ school age years, we were visiting some cousins in Washington D.C. where their dad, an economics professor, had a one year assignment working for the Clinton administration. The cousins announced they had enough tickets for all of us to attend the Easter Egg Roll on the White House lawn. My sons were excited, but tried to keep their expectations in check.

“We probably won’t see the President. He probably doesn’t come out and talk to everyone or anything like that.” We agreed. Not likely to see the President.

The Easter egg “hunt” was a highly managed affair. After going through security, we were ushered over to an area similar to a raised bed garden with hay sprinkled over the dirt and lovely wooden Easter Eggs tossed on top of the hay, most in plain sight. Kids were sent in a line through the hay and allowed to grab one egg, then be on their way. No complaints from any of my sons, despite the anti-climactic quest for an Easter egg. We were on the White House lawn, experiencing an event started in 1878. How cool is that?

egg 1

Although a long American tradition proved to be a bit anticlimactic for our sons, the real Easter story never fails to encourage and give hope. God Himself came to earth and died for us, only to rise again on the third day. The story never grows old, and never loses its amazement, mystery, and ability to transform lives.

egg 2

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And unlike our family’s White House lawn story where the pinnacle of an American Easter celebration arrived with a bit of a letdown, the real Easter story never lets us down.

Oh, one last detail. Easter eggs in hand, just as we were about to leave the South lawn at the White House, all eyes turned and focused on the balcony where the President had appeared with the First Lady, waving to the crowd, much to my sons’ amazement. Unexpected things DO happen during the Easter season. And rising from the dead is the greatest of all.

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