Kid Talk Tuesday: Guest Post by Karen Whiting

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The Treasure Box
“Come look in my treasure box.” Rebecca told her friend. Then they trotted to her room and spent a long time investigating her collection.
My three years old my daughter had made a treasure box by decorating a shoebox with stickers and pictures she cut from magazines. She filled it with special mementoes like a feather, bandage, coin, and other little trinkets. However, her treasures were special. Each item reminded Rebecca of a Bible story. When friends came she eagerly showed them her treasures and told them about the Bible stories she associated with each treasure.
When I wrote My Princess Devotions , I included a treasure box of verses and a treasure chest to hold special items as part of the summer fun (June 17 and July 1 are the days children make each type. Other days that follow help them add verses and items to collect). I hope young girls will find as much delight in such activities as Rebecca did. I also hope that daily devotions will help girls treasure thoughts about God and share their faith with friends.


Daily devotions helped God be part of my children’s conversation and life. It’s never too early to start or end each day with a short devotion. Tying the devotion to an activity helps a child remember and apply the verse. I tried to bring devotions to life for my children by adding an activity or simple action to apply the words we read. I brought that concept alive The One Year My Princess Devotions with the simple Princess in Action activities.
Whatever devotional or Bible storybook you read to your children let it fuel their faith. Talk about it afterwards and encourage them to share what they learn with friends. A devotional book is more than words. It’s a treasure of love from God that can last a lifetime. My daughter Rebecca is grown now and is a pastor’s wife who still treasures her daily time with God.