Kid Talk Tuesday: Give the gifts of memories and faith with My Keepsake Bible

This week’s post is from kid’s team member Christine Showalter.

Be sure to check out My Keepsake Bible!

If you’re like me and gift giving is not your strong suit, you’ve probably found yourself in the predicament of searching for that perfect baby shower gift or a special gift for parents-to-be.  There are so many things to consider!  Should you buy something on or off the gift registry?  Go fun or keep it practical?  Pull at the heartstrings or just buy a truckload of diapers (which would be a fabulous gift, don’t get me wrong)?  Next thing you know, you’re spending a fortune and consulting Pinterest for the latest and greatest hand-made craze that will surely fall apart as soon as those itty bitty baby hands get a hold of it.  As a mother of two boys under the age of five, I definitely appreciated receiving gifts of any type over the years, but the gifts that stuck with me the most were those that came from the heart.  And books were always at the top of the list!

If you’re looking for that perfect gift for new baby or parents, be sure to check out My Keepsake Bible Combining baby records, family history, and Bible stories, this padded hardcover book is the perfect gift for a new baby and the ideal way to begin to teach the little one God’s story.  Children will learn early that their family’s story is a part of God’s story.  Full-color, adorable art complements these stories, prayers, and places to record baby and family info.  It’s a memory book and a Bible story book in one.


So save yourself the trouble (not to mention the multiple trips to the store, particularly if you decided to go the hand-made route) and pick up a copy of My Keepsake Bible today!  Help the loved ones in your life preserve the memories of their child’s precious firsts and pass on a legacy of faith that will nurture for years to come.