Your Purchase Makes Our Ministry Possible by Mary Kleine Yehling

The Tyndale House Foundation was established by Kenneth and Margaret Taylor in 1963 because of a strong conviction that royalties from the newly paraphrased “Living Letters” should be given to God. It was His Word. Over the course of 52 years, millions of dollars have been invested in the work of Christian ministries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, North and South America. This would not have been possible without you, our customer. Every Tyndale product you purchase affects the funds available for the Foundation to invest in ministry.

A wise grantee said, “Your support provides a base for us to work together to make a space for God to work.” What an elegant way to see the co-operative principle between vision, hard work, and provision. It focuses on the dynamic impact unity in relationships, the hallmark of Christian community, can have. It is challenging work! It’s also powerful work as it makes space for the Holy Spirit, and you are a part of that community.

Funds go to train writers and publishers through Media Associates International. MAI holds writers workshops in countries all over the globe. This enables the people who live in each country to develop the skills to write in their own cultural context in ways that speak to the issues of their daily lives. Several Tyndale employees will lead workshops and network with budding writers at LittWorld, the MAI conference in Singapore this November.

The Foundation has supported the Africa Study Bible from the beginning of the project. Oasis International is gathering stories and commentary from African writers across the continent in English, French and Portuguese to be added to the New Living Translation text in those languages. Our own understanding of Scripture can be enriched when we see it through the eyes of African culture and wisdom.

The Foundation coordinated and implemented the Africa Leadership Research Project, drawing together people from Kenya, Central Africa Republic, Angola, and South Africa in an effort to understand how impactful leaders and organizations are trained and nurtured in Africa. We are learning ways to support Africans as they strategically use that research to shape education, training, and ministry development. It has helped us clarify priorities as we consider funding requests. View the infographic below for more information.

We worked collaboratively with 20 other foundations in long term research in India. Over a period of 5 years, over 40 million dollars was invested in ministries and schools there.

Many times, when there is a disaster or an emergency we are able to support Samaritans Purse, World Relief, and many others to help. We are currently working with ministries serving those who have been displaced by conflict and subsistence economic conditions.

Since we live in the Greater Metropolitan Chicago area we support ministries here, and our work has funded the efforts of many local agencies.

Together, Tyndale House Publishers and the Tyndale House Foundation minister to the spiritual needs of people, primarily through literature consistent with biblical principles. The contributions you make through your purchases allow us to provide tools so that people around the world can hear and understand the message of God’s love and His plan for reconciliation with humanity and to provide education and training in the creation and use of these tools.

Because of customers like you, Tyndale is able to train, equip, empower, and work together with ministries around the world to serve and glorify God. Thank you for the part you play in that worldwide community.

African Readers Infographic