Great Fun and Learning for Kids with Faith That Sticks!

This week we’re welcoming Linda Howard, Senior Product & Marketing Manager for Focus Kids and the Faith That Sticks and Happy Day books lines, as our guest blogger.

Are you looking for fun, creative, not too messy craft ideas for your kids? Tyndale is now in the sticker business! We recently purchased the Faith that Sticks line from Standard Publishing, and are enjoying this new journey into “stickerland”!

As a grandmother, I am always looking for fun things to do with my grandkids. Our times together are some of my most treasured moments, and I want to make them as special as I can. My oldest grandson loves stickers, and I now have a wonderful assortment of creative, fun ones to pull from every day. We used the Noah’s Ark animal stickers to place the pairs of animals in the ark ( Click here for a free downloadable PDF of the ark ), outfitted “friends” with the Armor of God stickers, and decorated gifts for their mommy and daddy.  One of the things I’ve learned over the years is that children tend to internalize and retain information best through hands-on/interactive play. Stickers help me use times we spend together as opportunities to instill Biblical truths and life lessons into their hearts and minds. The animal stickers gave us the chance to talk about the way God saved Noah and his family from the flood and the promise of the rainbow. As we placed the armor of God stickers on a printout of kids, we discussed how much God loves us and how He provides protection for us.  And there are many more lessons to learn as we continue to explore Faith that Sticks together.

If you are a long distance family member, stickers are a great, inexpensive way to connect with kids you love. Who doesn’t get excited when they receive a package in the mail? These are lightweight, convenient, and easy to mail. And regularly sending a pack of stickers – once a month, or every couple of months, or even once a week – reminds your little one that you are thinking of them and making an effort to stay connected. They will be running for the mailbox to see what you are sending next!

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There is no end to the fun and learning your child can have with Faith that Sticks . Start engaging with the little ones in your life now, and build a legacy of relationship and faith that will stick with them throughout their lives.

Do you have any ideas for stickers or fun sticker crafts? We’d love to hear from you with your ideas!

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