DIY Scripture Candle Holder

This easy to make scripture candle holder is the perfect craft for any age!

Materials Needed:                                  IMG_3007
Glass votive holder or baby food jar
2 paper plates
Ribbon (2” wide and 1/2” wide)
Faith That Sticks stickers

Step 1:
Pour glue on one of the paper plates–enough to dip the edge of your jar/candle holder into it to coat the rim. Pour a pile of glitter on the other paper plate. Dip the rim of your jar into the glue and then into the glitter. Allow this to dry completely.

Step 2:
Cut the ribbon and wrap it around the jar. Glue it into place. Do the same with the thinner ribbon.

Step 3:
Place the scripture sticker on the jar.

Step 4:
Add candle and light it. Let the light shine through the jar as a reminder that the light of God shines you!

For a complete list of Faith That Sticks  stickers, go here .