Candid Conversations

Life is busy and it seems the busier it gets, the faster time flies. As a parent, it is all too easy to plow through each day and before we know it we look back and see that our child has grown up – sometimes without us realizing it. With all of the influences of the world today, it is all the more reason to slow down and pay attention to who is speaking into the life of our child.
We hear so much about how children and teens today are so busy with technology and sports and activities that they don’t want to talk to their parents. I haven’t actually found that to be true. Every one of my teenage daughter’s friends loves when I ask them questions and want to hear about their lives. They immediately open up and confide their secrets. They are craving and starving for someone to listen and advise. Is it possible that our assumptions about kids today is entirely wrong? Is it possible they are craving for attention and advice and we are missing it?
That is why I love what Focus on the Family is doing with their latest book, Candid Conversations with Connie . Not only is it a fun read for tween girls – full of humor and honesty discussing issues all girls deal with like self-worth, friends and clothing. But they are also providing a free leader’s guide full of fun activities and group discussion questions to encourage parents, small group leaders and teachers to dive into the conversation with the girls.
Girls are starving for attention and direction and Connie provides a fun and non-threatening way to give this to them. Whether you schedule a fun sleep over with a bunch of girls or use it in a Sunday School class, each lesson can be done independently. Why not use it on a car trip or fun “spa” day?
Don’t assume your girls don’t want to talk to you or need your advice. Take a chance and dive in and see what happens.

-Amie Carlson, Tyndale colleague

Download a free leaders guide here.