We can navigate confusing hospitals, sprawling airports, and complex cities...

But we get lost when we try to read a Bible.

So we had wayfinding experts help us find out why.

Here's the solution:

The Wayfinding™ Bible—the first study Bible to incorporate the science of wayfinding to help readers easily navigate the big picture of God's word.

    1. Choose your route
  • Flyover Route
    50 of the most important events in the bible that tell one big story.

  • Direct Route
    200 readings to develop a full understanding without getting bogged down in any one place.

  • Scenic Route
    400 readings to explore new territory, discovering the depth and richness of God's word.
2. Follow the stops

On your route, each stop is clearly marked so you will always know where you are.

3. Read the passage

Read the introduction first. Then the Bible passage. Finish with the Observation Point & Exploration point.

The arrows at the top of the page will tell you where to go next.

Discover these features along the way


Book Introductions will help you understand why each book was written, what the book is about, and what events were happening around the same time. You’ll also see ways that each book points you toward Jesus.


Pause, step back, and review your journey so far. Then look at where you’re going next. You’ll also have a chance to see where Jesus has been involved in the story. A timeline and world map give you a sense of when and where all this is happening.


Historical Markers will draw your attention to specific locations and the events that happened there. These markers will shed light on the stories you’re reading and will fill in background details you might not know.


Scenic Overlooks will allow you to pause and see many of the significant locations mentioned in the Bible. You’ll also gain more insight into the history, the people, and God’s Word itself as you explore the full-color infographics.


In the margins throughout this Bible, you’ll see markers for various Side Trips. These twenty-five topic-based trips will highlight various Scripture passages that will show you what the Bible has to say about each topic.


No matter which route you choose, we know your Wayfinding journey through God’s story will give you a greater understanding of the biblical narrative and a closer, more intimate relationship with God.


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