A young man in a jacket and beanie hat, stands with his back to the camera. in the background all we see is light and dark gray tones.

How to Pray When Praying Is Hard

Today’s blog is written by Jarrett Stevens, author of Praying Through: Overcoming the Obstacles That Keep Us from God. — I’ve been a pastor for over twenty years, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the following: “I just don’t know how to pray.” “I didn’t grow up doing this kind of […]

A young man is walking down the street with his cap on backwards, it says 'PRAY' on his hat.

How to Pray: How to Make the Lord’s Prayer Your Prayer

Blog brought to you today by Jarrett Stevens, author of Praying Through: Overcoming the Obstacles That Keep Us from God. — I have a friend who sums up the Lord’s Prayer this way: “Simply pray, and pray simply.” Don’t overcomplicate it. Don’t smother it in “should.” Don’t make it some sort of spiritual competition with others. […]

A young man in a t-shirt and beanie hat stands with his back to us, with his arms open wide and his palms facing upwards, he is in prayer.

How to Pray: Gratitude, Your Wonder Prayer

Blog brought to you today by Jarrett Stevens, author of Praying Through: Overcoming the Obstacles That Keep Us from God. — What if I told you that there was a pill that was scientifically proven to dramatically improve your state of being—not just a temporary high but a wholistic enhancement of your body, mind, and […]

A Man sits in his expensive-looking car, with a mobile phone in his hand, surrounding by palm trees. He looks wealthy, but is he rich in his soul?

Living The Good Life: What God Has To Say About Wealth and Money

Guest post from Randy Alcorn, excerpted and adapted by Unfolding Faith, from his wonderful book, Giving is The Good Life: The Unexpected Path to Purpose and Joy. — Not life, but a good life, is to be chiefly valued. SOCRATES The good life is reserved for the person who fears God, who lives reverently in […]

A man's tattooed hand grips a steering wheel. What happens when we allow Jesus to take the wheel? That's what we explore in this post.

Jesus Take The Wheel – How Surrendering Control Brings You Real Freedom

The bent to promote, protect and exalt self starts early in life. One of the first phrases our children said was, “Me first!” Because our self-centeredness is so inbred, Jesus made it clear that if we want to follow him, we must give up our “selves.” Eugene Peterson’s paraphrase of this verse in Luke states […]

A young woman in a sweater and skirt, sits on the floor leaning up against a sofa. She is reading her Bible that is great for new believers!

The Best Bibles for New Believers

Trying to select a Bible as, or for, a new believer can be really confusing. Which translation should you go for? Do you want the New Testament or the full Bible? Should you buy a personal size or large print; and what even is a regular size one? So many questions and too many options. […]

A woman walks along a beach. The lighting is dark and moody, with an unfriendly gray sky. God can help you in your grief with His 12 steps to Recovery.

God Knows All About Your Grief – And Here’s His First Step to Recovery

“But remember, like Sarah and Job, we are not helpless.” — This post is excerpted from The Life Recovery Workbook for Grief: A Bible-Centered Approach for Taking Your Life Back, by Stephen Arterburn M. ED and David Stoop. Click this link to experience the whole first step, with workbook questions for your own reflection, for free. […]

A brunette woman stands with her back to the camera, with a flower garland in her hair and white angel wings on her back. Will we be angels in Heaven? Randy Alcorn says no.

What Will I Look Like in Heaven?

by Randy Alcorn, excerpted from Heaven. I’m often asked if people, particularly children, become angels when they die. The answer is no. Death is a relocation of the same person from one place to another. The place changes, but the person remains the same. The same person who becomes absent from his or her body becomes […]

Lights against a black background depict the crucifiction of Jesus, with angels on either side of him. Why did Jesus come to earth? Read this article to find out!

Why Did Jesus Come to Earth?

Adapted from Dr David Jeremiah’s book, Why the Nativity? As the moon lit the treetops and the evening breeze cooled her skin, Mary rested quietly, renewing her strength. She gazed in wonder at the tiny, living gift in her arms. Any child, of course, is a miracle from heaven—a firstborn in particular. Even so, Mary […]

A man and his dog kneel in a snowy field as a more snow falls all around them. We see them from behind. Why did God become a man? Let's explore this question in the blog post!

Why Did God Become a Man?

Guest post by David Jeremiah, excerpted from his book, Why the Nativity?  In the beginning there was God. And, being God, He created. The creations of God were magnificent. He made a universe of unbounded dimensions, measured out in stars and galaxies. Its size was matched by its vast complexity, in the intricate dance of […]

A crown sits inside a manger, upon some hay. Why did Jesus come when He did? Here we look at that very question.

Why Did Jesus Come When He Did?

Excerpt taken from Why the Nativity? by David Jeremiah. Imagine this scenario: A world leader plans to send a man on a mission of the utmost urgency. The fate of the world rests upon the success of this operation. So the commander thinks carefully, strategically, about his plan. Nothing can be left to chance; every detail […]

A wicker bassinet with white bedclothes and blue blanket hanging over the top end of it, is pictured against a white background. Why did Jesus come to us as a baby? this article seeks to answer that question.

Why Did ­Jesus Come as a Baby?

Excerpted from Why The Nativity?, by David Jeremiah. In those first speechless moments, new parents gaze with fascination. They lovingly examine every inch of their newborn child’s face. No matter how we prepare ourselves, the reality of new birth astounds us. Here, nestled in our arms, is a brand-new member of the human race. Here […]