Lights against a black background depict the crucifiction of Jesus, with angels on either side of him. Why did Jesus come to earth? Read this article to find out!

Why Did Jesus Come to Earth?

Adapted from Dr David Jeremiah’s book, Why the Nativity? As the moon lit the treetops and the evening breeze cooled her skin, Mary rested quietly, renewing her strength. She gazed in wonder at the tiny, living gift in her arms. Any child, of course, is a miracle from heaven—a firstborn in particular. Even so, Mary […]

A man and his dog kneel in a snowy field as a more snow falls all around them. We see them from behind. Why did God become a man? Let's explore this question in the blog post!

Why Did God Become a Man?

Guest post by David Jeremiah, excerpted from his book, Why the Nativity?  In the beginning there was God. And, being God, He created. The creations of God were magnificent. He made a universe of unbounded dimensions, measured out in stars and galaxies. Its size was matched by its vast complexity, in the intricate dance of […]

A crown sits inside a manger, upon some hay. Why did Jesus come when He did? Here we look at that very question.

Why Did Jesus Come When He Did?

Excerpt taken from Why the Nativity? by David Jeremiah. Imagine this scenario: A world leader plans to send a man on a mission of the utmost urgency. The fate of the world rests upon the success of this operation. So the commander thinks carefully, strategically, about his plan. Nothing can be left to chance; every detail […]

A wicker bassinet with white bedclothes and blue blanket hanging over the top end of it, is pictured against a white background. Why did Jesus come to us as a baby? this article seeks to answer that question.

Why Did ­Jesus Come as a Baby?

Excerpted from Why The Nativity?, by David Jeremiah. In those first speechless moments, new parents gaze with fascination. They lovingly examine every inch of their newborn child’s face. No matter how we prepare ourselves, the reality of new birth astounds us. Here, nestled in our arms, is a brand-new member of the human race. Here […]

Three friends sit around a wooden bench with books, making notes in them, studying the Bible to keep learning about Jesus.

Why Lifelong Learning is Important to Christians

Today’s special guest post is written by Waldron Scott, adapted for Unfolding Faith. To overcome pride, fear, and complacency in order to keep discovering fresh experiences of new truth—that’s what it means to really live. So what are you learning these days? We can learn from new experiences, but we’re afraid of them. We’re afraid […]

The statue of Christ the Redeemer is photographed from below, with a brilliant blue sky behind it. In order to abide in Christ, we should live by His Word.

How to Abide in Christ and What That Means for You

Being still before God allows the Lord to speak to us through His Word, which is alive and active and exposes our innermost thoughts and desires. Guest post by author Cynthia Heald. Excerpt taken from her book, The Faithful Way, Remaining Steadfast in an Uncertain World. I am the vine; you are the branches. Those […]

Children fill a floor doing co-ordinated dance moves in Sunday school. Could your spiritual gifts be used in your church?
A young woman smiles as she sits on a metal fence in a city street. HEr spiritual gifts make her an extroarindary person in the Kingdom of God - how do your spiritual gifts make you extraordinary?

How Your Spiritual Gifts Make You Extraordinary

You’ve heard about spiritual gifts and perhaps even discovered which spiritual gifts God has given you. But do you know why they are important? Or how they make you an extraordinary person? – Don’t know which spiritual gifts you possess? Start here to learn more about the various gifts and techniques the Bible describes to […]

A man stands in a professional kitchen with a smile on his face. He is using his spiritual gifts to move the Kingdom and it brings him great joy!

How Can I Recognize My Spiritual Gifts?

You may have heard about spiritual gifts and that God promises that every Christian receives certain gifts in order to build up the church as a whole. Now, you may be curious to understand which of these gifts you possess—but how do we go about discovering our giftings? Here are a few steps you can […]

A man and a woman stand in the entrance to their church waving, ready to joyfully greet people as they enter. they are using their spiritual gifts to help in their church.

A Quick List of Biblical Spiritual Gifts: Which Gifts Exist and What They Mean.

What are the spiritual gifts that God has given to his people? Here is a list, scroll down for simple definitions of each gift: Administration Being an apostle Discernment Evangelism Exhortation Faith Giving Healing Helps Hospitality Knowledge Leadership Mercy Prophecy Serving Speaking in tongues Teaching (sometimes known as shepherding) Wisdom — Want to identify your […]

Our Greatest Need is God’s Greatest Gift

There Is More Grace in God than Sin in You Our greatest need and God’s greatest gift are the same thing: forgiveness of sins. And to receive it, we have only to ask and pass it on. But to ask for it, we must first admit that we need it. Instinctively, we wriggle. We want […]

A compass and stop watch sit atop a map. Have you wondered, does God exist?

Does God Exist? We Ask Tyndale Voices.

Have you ever wondered if God exists? Has anyone asked you what you believe and you weren’t sure how to confidently answer them? Does God exist? It’s a big question, and it’s one that Tyndale House Publishers has tackled in a new—free—resource that brings together select excerpts from some of their most revered authors to […]