A man stands in a professional kitchen with a smile on his face. He is using his spiritual gifts to move the Kingdom and it brings him great joy!

How Can I Recognize My Spiritual Gifts?

You may have heard about spiritual gifts and that God promises that every Christian receives certain gifts in order to build up the church as a whole. Now, you may be curious to understand which of these gifts you possess—but how do we go about discovering our giftings? Here are a few steps you can […]

A man and a woman stand in the entrance to their church waving, ready to joyfully greet people as they enter. they are using their spiritual gifts to help in their church.

A Quick List of Biblical Spiritual Gifts: Which Gifts Exist and What They Mean.

What are the spiritual gifts that God has given to his people? Here is a list, scroll down for simple definitions of each gift: Administration Being an apostle Discernment Evangelism Exhortation Faith Giving Healing Helps Hospitality Knowledge Leadership Mercy Prophecy Serving Speaking in tongues Teaching (sometimes known as shepherding) Wisdom — Want to identify your […]

Our Greatest Need is God’s Greatest Gift

There Is More Grace in God than Sin in You Our greatest need and God’s greatest gift are the same thing: forgiveness of sins. And to receive it, we have only to ask and pass it on. But to ask for it, we must first admit that we need it. Instinctively, we wriggle. We want […]

A compass and stop watch sit atop a map. Have you wondered, does God exist?

Does God Exist? We Ask Tyndale Voices.

Have you ever wondered if God exists? Has anyone asked you what you believe and you weren’t sure how to confidently answer them? Does God exist? It’s a big question, and it’s one that Tyndale House Publishers has tackled in a new—free—resource that brings together select excerpts from some of their most revered authors to […]

A woman reads The Proverbs in her Bible. In this article we explore why the Proverbs were given to us by God and why they are so important to our lives.

Why The Proverbs are so Important

God desires and commands us to live in wisdom—”Don’t live like fools, but like those who are wise.” (Ephesians 5:15). In Proverbs 23:23 we are told to “get wisdom,” and the Proverbs themselves are one of the best places to observe and learn that wisdom. God gave us this book to teach us how to walk […]

How Can I Pray for Non-Believers?

How can I pray for non-believers? Good question. You may feel that praying for someone, especially if it’s without their permission, is a little sneaky. But praying for someone far from God, even if you think they wouldn’t want you to pray for them, is totally OK. It’s honestly not going to harm them, and […]

Great Gifts for New Believers

Looking for a gift for a new believer in the Christian faith? It’s hard to find just the right gift for a new believer but you want to help them celebrate their new life and start well on this most exciting journey with Christ. Let us help pick a gift for the new believer in […]

A young female model has her face and hair touched up on a shoot. When the world tells us we must strive for the perfect life, God tells us perfection can only be found in Him.
A young man sits in his bedroom with headphones around his neck and holding a guitar on his lap. He may be pondering if he can trust God - and he can! in this blog post we explore the reasons as to why you can really trust God.

Can I Really Trust God?

Guest post by Jerry Bridges, author of devotional book, 31 Days toward Trusting God. For most of us, life is filled with frustrations, anxieties, and disappointments that tempt us to fret, fume, and worry. Even amidst adversity that we might categorize as ‘minor’, such as an inability to wrestle off the lid of a jar […]

Three friends sit around a table, seen from above, they are discussing the Bible and making notes. It's not easy to share the Bible with your non-Christian friends, but trusting God to make it happen will open many opportunities for you do to so.

How to Read the Bible with Non-Christian Friends

A not-so-scary way to introduce your friends to Jesus, by Laura T. de Gomez. I had heard through the grapevine that two coworkers, Martha and Claudia, had expressed some interest in spiritual things. So I dropped into their office one day and said, “Hi! I’ve been meaning to ask you both: Would you be interested […]

What Does the Bible Say About Sex?

Excerpts taken from How & When to Tell Your Kids About Sex, by Stan and Brenna Jones. The truth is that when most Christians think about the Bible and sex, they first think of the “don’ts.” This is understandable; the Bible clearly prohibits certain actions. This is where our churches often focus, and certainly the […]