A Voice for Peace in South Sudan

The African country of South Sudan is one of the newest countries in the world, yet its people have been plagued by civil war and ethnic cleansing for many years.

The Christian leaders who live and work among the people, such as Bishop Joseph of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan, are thankful to God for their new independence, but realize there are still many challenges to face, and many wounds to heal.  They pray for unity and harmony and reconciliation.

There are many needs in South Sudan, and the church in the town of Renk is playing an active role in helping the communities in which they serve.  Bishop Joseph shared that the church has been focusing on education, food security, and health care.

Tyndale House Foundation has been supporting Renk Diocese in South Sudan in their efforts to meet the many basic needs of the people.  The Foundation provided the funds for the Diocese to purchase 1000 acres of land, so that they could begin to plant and harvest their own food, and experience better security for the future.

“I want people of South Sudan to forgive one another and forget about what is past and begin from the future for building the new country,” says Bishop Joseph. “And so that is very important for forgiveness in order to take place. I am thankful for Tyndale House Foundation, for the work it’s doing all over the world and especially in South Sudan, and especially in Renk Diocese. As a holistic ministry, we are doing for people what was the message of Jesus. For healing people, for reconciliation, for feeding people, and for teaching people.”

When you purchase books and Bibles from Tyndale House Publishers, you are helping to support the work of Renk Diocese in South Sudan. Learn more about Tyndale House Foundation HERE>>

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