Cover of One Year Pray for Life Bible, by Tyndale House Publishers

How is The One Year Chronological Study Bible Different?

The One Year Chronological Study Bible tells a story like you’d expect it to be told: from beginning to end. From creation to eternity. In the order the action took place, as lessons were learned, as kingdoms rose and fell. The story of God’s dealings with his people from generation to generation. The engaging text of the New Living Translation is broken into 365 daily readings. Each reading includes a daily introduction and concludes with reflective discovery questions. Throughout the Bible, you will encounter five building blocks that help create a better understanding of the story. Using the easy-to-follow 14-era format, you’ll be guided through the expansive timeline of the Bible, see the unfolding of God’s work among His people, and encounter your place in God’s grand story.

Cover of One Year Pray for Life Bible, by Tyndale House Publishers

Meet the Chronological Bible Teaching Team

Chronological Bible Teaching (CBT) Ministries arranges God’s big story into 14 memorable and connected eras. They believe the story of the Bible works and understanding it fuels evangelism, discipleship, missions, and apologetics. CBT exists to increase Bible literacy by developing resources that teach the storyline of the Bible so believers can discover, understand, and tell the story for themselves. Want to start a Chronological Bible Teaching group or looking for additional resources on how to teach the Bible chronologically? Our friends at Chronological Bible Teaching would love to help.


Two Helpful Videos from Our Friends at
Chronological Bible Teaching Ministires