Miraculous Grace

A true story

A child disappears...
a foster mom faces an impossible choice...
a baby’s future hangs in the balance.

When Debra Moerke and her husband decided to become foster parents, they never imagined how their lives would change. Their home was full of children, brimming with both challenges and blessings. Debra became especially close to one little girl — Hannah. Debra did everything she could to help Hannah learn to trust—to love her and teach her to feel safe. But when Hannah went back to her birth mother, Karen, it wasn’t long before one of Debra’s worst fears came true.

Overwhelmed with horror and grief, Debra didn’t think she could take anymore, but then she received a phone call from prison. Karen, facing a life sentence, was pregnant, and she had a shocking question to ask . . .

Murder, Motherhood, and Miraculous Grace is an incredible true story of faith, family, and a journey toward seemingly impossible forgiveness. A story that tests the limits of the human heart, it’s ultimately a life-affirming testament to how unconditional love and relentless obedience can transform even the darkest nights into mornings of hope.

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Debra Moerke

Debra Moerke and her husband, Al, were foster parents for eighteen years, taking in more than 140 children. Debra has served as the director of women’s and children’s ministries of the Central Wyoming Rescue Mission; the executive director of a Christian crisis pregnancy and counseling center; a jail guard; and a jail chaplain. In 2017 she graduated from Gateway Seminary in California with a certificate in Christian ministries. She is currently an associate real estate broker and owner of Stratton Real Estate. Debra and Al live in Casper, Wyoming and have six children and seven grandchildren.

Debra Moerke, author of Murder, Motherhood, and Miraculous Grace, published by Tyndale House Publishers

A true story