Bible Features

Restore to me the joy of your salvation and make me willing to obey you.

Psalm 51:12

Each feature in The Life Recovery Bible leads readers to the powerful resources for recovery found in the Holy Scriptures. Articles and guides offer help to anyone starting or running recovery groups at church or in the community.

Overview Articles

This Bible includes a number of helpful overview articles at the front. These focus on giving individuals perspective as they begin their recovery journey. NEW articles new to the second edition of The Life Recovery Bible focus primarily on giving guidance to facilitators as they lead recovery groups and use the Bible in a group context.

  • Preface
  • A Word about Addictions
  • An Early History of Life Recovery
  • Life Recovery Facilitator’s Guide
  • Step-by-Step Life Recovery Meeting Guide
  • Thriving in a Secular Recovery Group
  • Life Giving Recovery Groups in the Church

Recovery Profiles

In this feature sixty individuals and relationships are profiled, and important recovery lessons are drawn from their lives.

Introductory Material for Bible Books

Each book of the Bible is preceded by a number of helpful features.

  • Book Introductions present the content and themes from the standpoint of recovery.
  • The Big Picture gives a panoramic view of the book in outline form.
  • The Bottom Line provides vital historical information for the book.
  • Recovery Themes present and discuss important themes for people in recovery.


The Life Recovery Topical Index as the back guides the reader to the important notes, profiles, devotionals, and recovery themes related to more than a hundred terms important to issues in the recovery process.

  • The Index to Recovery Profiles alphabetically and locates the sixty Recovery Profiles that appear in the Bible
  • The Index to Twelve Step Devotionals lists and locates the eighty-four Twelve Step devotionals
  • The Index to Recovery Principle Devotionals lists and locates the fifty-six Recovery Principle devotionals
  • The Index to Serenity Prayer Devotionals lists and locates the twenty-nine Serenity Prayer devotionals
  • The Index to Recovery Reflections lists and locates the various topics discussed in the Reflections feature of the Bible
  • The Topical Bible Verse Finder lists topics that concern people who are trying to live by God’s wisdom and connects those topics to helpful Bible verses.

Stephen Arterburn & David Stoop Discuss Each of the Twelve Steps

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Step 2

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