Revitalizing Bible Reading. Unleashing Creativity.
Inspiring Connection—with God and Others.

The Inspire Bible TOUR is coming to a U.S. city near you!

Tyndale House Publishers has partnered with Amber Bolton for a TOUR across America offering Inspire Bible Creative Journaling Workshops. Amber Bolton is currently booking two-hour-long workshops with churches and ministries.

Inspire Bible Creative Journaling Workshops will offer participants the opportunity to explore God’s Word creatively and experience a fresh approach to Bible reading.

Amber Bolton will guide participants through hands-on activities to inspire creativity in their daily walk with the Lord. This workshop is designed to focus hearts on Christ as participants learn to color, paint, draw, and letter their way through God’s Word. Participants will receive a booklet to practice in before starting in their Bibles, and they will also have the opportunity to try out Amber’s favorite creative journaling supplies at their tables throughout the workshop.

The Inspire Bible TOUR offers the community an opportunity to band together to provide an event for individuals—both inside and outside of the church—to connect with God and others while learning about creative journaling, supplies, tips, and techniques. Workshops offer a fun and engaging event for outreach, women’s ministries, multi-generational groups, communities, and more!

Workshops are available for booking. Saturday and Sunday afternoon workshops are ideal, but dates and times are flexible. Host sites must be able to accommodate a minimum of 50 people including seating around tables with space for supplies and hands-on creative journaling activities.

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About Amber Bolton

Amber Bolton is a youth pastor with a heart to help others discover the riches of Scripture. She speaks at various camps, retreats, and events, and she enjoys leading Bible journaling workshops and offering tips and advice on social media.

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“I love the new Inspire Bible. I love the pictures and all the lettering that’s in there. I love how it brings the Bible to life in each of those verses and the passages that are in there. I’ve been Bible journaling on my own since October last year, but this was the first time I was able to share Bible journaling and share the creativity with my Mom and other people at the table, so I thought it was really fun to just be a part of a group that was Bible journaling. I’m really glad I came today. It was really fun.”

“Bible journaling is something I’ve seen on Pinterest a ton but always thought, You know what? I’m not creative, I can’t do this. So it was really fun to get the opportunity to come and see that this is something that even someone who can just draw stick figures is actually able to attain and do, and it’s a way that the Holy Spirit speaks to us, and it was exciting to find a new way that the Lord moved in my heart. . . . It was really interesting to see how God used a Bible verse that he had already been using to speak into my life and how interesting it was to think about what is the image I can use to imagine this, what colors, and I just put it down on the page and it turned out beautiful, which was really neat.”

“I’m really excited about today. I got my Bible and I’ve never done this before, but it’s really easy, and that’s what I liked because it just kind of opens up and you can do whatever you want, and I like to be creative and I like to do that with my kids, so I think this will be fun for me to be able to interact with them and we’ll all share supplies and have a great time. I learned that everyone has their own style, and this is a way to embrace it and just go with the flow and see what comes and really let the Holy Spirit guide you . . .”

“What I really liked about the Bible journaling was the aspect of the creativity . . . and it’s a hands-on kind of experience where I feel like with this Bible and with this process I can take what came to me out of the verse and those words just jumped out at me and now I look back at that and I’m like, ‘I really comprehended something here,’ and I really think this is a great idea. Being highly creative, I have trouble knowing what to do sometimes, so [Amber’s process] gave me some direction.”


The Bible for Coloring & Creative Journaling