The Filament Bible Adds Worship Music with Help from The Worship Initiative

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The Filament Bible has always been a great tool for those hoping to grow their faith through deeper Bible study, devotional reading, compelling visuals, and informative videos from The Bible Project. With the help of The Worship Initiative, an innovative worship training and resource platform, Filament users can now enjoy worship music that connects with the scripture they are reading. 

“At The Worship Initiative we are passionate about creating resources for the church that equip, encourage, and inspire.  That’s why we couldn’t be more excited about partnering with the Filament Bible.  We have been so encouraged by the incredible resources this Bible provides that allow the reader to more fully engage with God’s word. The opportunity to provide songs that are rich in God’s word as one of those resources is such a privilege!”  – Shane & Shane and The Worship Initiative team

How to Find Songs

You can find songs like you find most other content in the Filament app. As you are reading scripture or browsing your Bible, scan the page number with your Filament app to bring up additional content. 

Tap the “See” icon.


Scroll to find the song selections.

Tap the song you’d like to here. A video showing the lyrics to the song will play with music. An internet connection is required. 


To learn more about all the features of the Filament Bible NLT visit our home page.

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