Why Read the Every Woman’s Bible?

Every Woman’s Bible doesn’t shy away from the questions women bring to the Bible. Contributions from more than 100 women around the world explore the heartfelt needs, gritty challenges, and uncommon faithfulness of women of the Bible, throughout history, and today. Through deep study and reflection, you’ll discover God’s heart for you and clarify your calling through personal stories, insights, inspiration, and study notes—all created by women, for women. This Bible is for every woman who wonders: How do I fit in God’s plan? How can the Bible guide me in daily challenges? How do I reconcile the cultural context of the Bible with its relevance to my life today?

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study notes


Each respected Bible scholar—all of whom are women—applied her research and cultural understanding of the ancient world to craft these notes. The scholars particularly focused the notes and additional commentary on portions of Scripture that address topics women might find relevant, fascinating, and helpful and zeroed in on aspects that women might silently struggle with but are rarely addressed. These notes clarify the cultural, historical, and literary context we all need so we can read the Bible with greater understanding.



These Come Close devotionals address real-life emotions and needs that invite you to draw near to God. For some, it’s pain or a problem. For others, it’s a life season or a startling opportunity. Each includes a quote from someone who has faced a similar need, a relevant Bible quote, and a prayer.

maps and charts


These charts, maps, graphs, and illustrations help you understand the Bible beyond what words alone may offer. You’ll find these where an illustration, more information, or a cultural insight can help you see beyond the pages themselves to the real world of the Bible.

book introduction


Before each of the Bible’s sixty-six books, you will find full-page images that draw on the themes and feel of each book; key takeaways on God’s mission and ours; historical timelines that include women; Who, When, and How questions that orient you to each book; estimated reading times; and feature highlights that spotlight articles on key topics.

topical studies


Sometimes it helps to look at the big picture. “What the Bible Says About . . .” are topical studies that illuminate key themes throughout the Bible, especially themes of interest to women, by gathering key verses all in one place. Consider these pages to be a starting place for your study of each topic.

profile bio


The Identity articles showcase both stories of Bible people and stories of God’s mission and what they can teach you. Many of these explore stories through imaginative, first-person narratives based on what the Bible suggests the woman might tell you herself. Learning about these women’s hopes, struggles, failures, and victories can help you grow in your own God-given identities.

answers to tough questions


Have you ever encountered something in the Bible and thought, Wait, what? Here, we dig into questions you’d like to ask but may not have thought you could. Perspective articles take a deep look at these passages rather than giving pat answers. They highlight each passage’s language, meaning, and context to provide deeper wisdom from God’s Word. These focus especially on aspects of the Bible that may unsettle you.

find purpose


Discover your purpose and how to make the most of God’s design for your core relationships. Find your purpose and calling as it relates to (1) God; (2) your family; (3) your community, including your workplace, neighborhood, school, and church; and (4) the unique ways God has made you to bring more goodness to God’s world.



Throughout the Bible, you’ll find powerful quotes that capture the voices of Christian women across history. These quotes show you how they lived out their faith across many cultures and places. Gain inspiration as you hear from drivers of movements, leaders of church denominations, singers, writers, artists, missionaries, and theologians. Find strength from the variety of voices, reminding us that women throughout history and from many walks of life have much to say about how God is with you where you are, even today.

scripture pause


Throughout the Bible, you’ll find full-page script lettering of Bible verses to inspire you. We hope these pages give you space to take a breath, spend a moment reflecting on a Bible verse, and experience the peace God’s Word gives.

words to remember


You will find highlighted portions of Scripture throughout the Bible so you can see what verses draw the most interest from other readers. You may want to take some of these with you each day by committing them to memory.



Download the Filament Bible app, then follow the instructions to pair the app with your Bible. Anytime you would like to go deeper, open the app and scan the page you are reading to access the content curated to that page that is drawn from over 25,000 study notes, over 400 people profiles and theme articles, over 40 interactive maps and infographics, over 1,500 devotionals, over 350 videos, a library of worship music, an audio Bible, and more.


over 100 women contributors, scholars & writers

The countries shaded and places pinpointed on this map indicate where our contributors have lived, worked, and had their perspectives on the Bible shaped.

Meet Our General Editor

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NAOMI CRAMER OVERTON, MBA, DIS, lives to realize beauty-filled visions that lift us to flourishing, with our families and beyond. Naomi has been CEO for Stonecroft and MOPS, director with Compassion International and World Vision, and General Editor for this Bible.

Meet Our Associate Editor

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MISTY ARTERBURN is an author and speaker, contributing to Bible projects, devotionals, and recovery materials for over twenty years. Wife and mom to five, Misty is the founder of Recovery Girls and the general editor of The One Year Bible for Women.

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