Meet the Courage For Life Study Bible

Why Read the Courage For Life Study Bible?

Studying the Bible is essential to a thriving relationship with your loving God. With 1,464 Bible studies (that’s a Bible study on every page of Bible text), the Courage For Life Study Bible provides a pathway for discipleship never before seen in a Bible. Within its pages you will discover the Seven Steps to COURAGE, which are designed to transform your life.

Each page of Bible text has a four-part study to help you learn who God is and how he wants you to live. Stagnant, slow-paced spiritual growth will be exchanged for growth that brings glory to God and produces transformation.

Equipped with Filament, this wide-margin Bible helps you go even further in your study by giving you access to thousands of additional study resources including videos, audio Bibles, and reading plans.

With editions for women and men, this study Bible is perfect for individual or group study.

What are the Seven Steps to COURAGE?


1. COMMIT to Change


2. OVERCOMEObstacles


3. UNCOVER Your True Self


4. REPLACE Worldly Lies with Scriptural Truth


5. ACCEPT the Things You Cannot Change


6. GRASP God's Love for You


7. EMBRACEa Life of Grace

Explore Filament's Features

When you are reading your Bible and want to go deeper, simply pull out your phone or tablet and use your device’s camera to scan the page you are reading. Just like that, you have access to a full audio bible, study notes, character profiles, devotionals, theme articles, interactive maps, videos, worship music, and more.


The Study window contains everything you would expect to find in an excellent study Bible: book introductions, study notes, in-depth articles on key topics, and profiles of key people from the Bible.


The Reflect window is less about in-depth study and more about connecting the ideas of the Bible to your everyday life. Here you’ll find devotional articles and thoughts that are curated from some of Tyndale’s favorite resources


The See window is where you’ll find all things visual. Interactive maps and visuals allow you to zoom in or out and tap key locations to learn more and see photos of the sites. Videos that are relevant to the page you are reading are provided by The Bible Project

Meet Ann White

Ann is an internationally known author, speaker, Christian TV Host, passionate Bible teacher, Founder and CEO of Courage For Life, and she is a Wife, Mother, and Grandmother.

Her passion is to equip and encourage people from all walks of life to embrace their God-given courage for life. Therefore, Ann writes, publishes, and provides emotional health, discipleship, and Bible study resources to help people grow in their relationships with God, themselves, and others. Her book and companion workbooks detail, in easily digestible fashion, simple steps for learning how to embrace and incorporate God into every detail of our lives.

The need to have resources available to help people grow both spiritually and emotionally drives Ann to create such things as the first All-Female-Voiced audio Bible in both English and Spanish, entering a field that includes thousands of male-voiced versions.

Meet the Courage For Life Team

Ann White founded Courage For Life in 2014 to provide resources that help individuals strengthen their relationship with the Lord and embrace their God-given courage for life. At Courage For Life, we believe Jesus transforms lives and that anyone can discover the truth about life, love, themselves, others, and God through the study and application of Scripture. We accept that the Bible reveals truth, making God’s Word a source of authority for our lives and a unique resource for all individuals to know God and receive courage from him. We recognize that God gives courage by strengthening individuals with the truth of his Word and that he empowers them by the work of the Holy Spirit. We acknowledge that we are all stewards of our God-given courage. It is our responsibility to offer our abilities, personalities, responsibilities, resources, giftedness, training, relationships, and experiences—in other words, our entire lives—back to God for his purposes.

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Each edition of the Courage For Life Study Bible is available in a variety of covers. Indexed versions are also available.