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Week 69

September 12th, 2017
Who Is Really in Charge?
Daniel 4:1-18
“While I was lying in my bed, this is what I dreamed. I saw a large tree in the middle of the earth. The tree grew very tall and strong, reaching high into the heavens for all the world to see. It had fresh green leaves, and it was loaded with fruit for all to eat. Wild animals lived in its shade, and birds nested in its branches. All the world was fed from this tree.”

“Then as I lay there dreaming, I saw a messenger, a holy one, coming down from heaven. The messenger shouted, ‘Cut down the tree and lop off its branches! Shake off its leaves and scatter its fruit! Chase the wild animals from its shade and the birds from its branches. But leave the stump and the roots in the ground, bound with a band of iron and bronze and surrounded by tender grass. Now let him be drenched with the dew of heaven, and let him live with the wild animals among the plants of the field. For seven periods of time, let him have the mind of a wild animal instead of the mind of a human. For this has been decreed by the messengers; it is commanded by the holy ones, so that everyone may know that the Most High rules over the kingdoms of the world. He gives them to anyone he chooses—even to the lowliest of people.’” (Daniel 4:10-17)
Although Nebuchadnezzar praised Daniel’s God, he still did not believe in him completely or submit to him alone (Daniel 4:8). One of the most difficult lessons to learn is that God is sovereign. He is above all of those who are above us. He limits the power and authority of all the government, business, and religious leaders in the world. Those who live in freedom and with a relatively high degree of autonomy find this difficult to understand. While we may feel as though we are free to do what we please, God is sovereign over all of our plans and desires.
Many people attend church and use spiritual language, but they really don’t believe in God or obey him. Profession doesn’t always mean possession of faith. How do your beliefs match with your obedience? Is God really sovereign over your lifeor are you?
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