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Week 67

October 29th, 2017
A Reluctant Landowner
Jeremiah 32:1-15
Then, just as the LORD had said he would, my cousin Hanamel came and visited me in the prison. He said, “Please buy my field at Anathoth in the land of Benjamin. By law you have the right to buy it before it is offered to anyone else, so buy it for yourself.” Then I knew that the message I had heard was from the LORD.

So I bought the field at Anathoth, paying Hanamel seventeen pieces of silver for it. I signed and sealed the deed of purchase before witnesses, weighed out the silver, and paid him. Then I took the sealed deed and an unsealed copy of the deed, which contained the terms and conditions of the purchase, and I handed them to Baruch son of Neriah and grandson of Mahseiah. I did all this in the presence of my cousin Hanamel, the witnesses who had signed the deed, and all the men of Judah who were there in the courtyard of the guardhouse.

Then I said to Baruch as they all listened, “This is what the LORD of Heaven’s Armies, the God of Israel, says: ‘Take both this sealed deed and the unsealed copy, and put them into a pottery jar to preserve them for a long time.’ For this is what the LORD of Heaven’s Armies, the God of Israel, says: ‘Someday people will again own property here in this land and will buy and sell houses and vineyards and fields.’” (Jeremiah 32:8-15)
Trust doesn’t come easy. It wasn’t easy for Jeremiah to publicly buy land already captured by the enemy. But he trusted God. It wasn’t easy for David to believe that he would become king, even after he was anointed. But he trusted God (1 Samuel 16–31). It wasn’t easy for Moses to believe that he and his people would escape Egypt, even after God spoke to him from a burning bush. But he trusted God (Exodus 3:1–4:20).
It isn’t easy for us to believe that God can fulfill his “impossible” promises either, but we must trust him. God, who worked in the lives of many people the Bible mentions, will work in our lives too, if we will let him. Are you willing to trust God? Turn over your worries to him and wait in faith.
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