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Week 47

October 16th, 2017
Giving to God’s Work
2 Kings 12:1-16
Jehoiada the priest bored a hole in the lid of a large chest and set it on the right-hand side of the altar at the entrance of the Temple of the LORD. The priests guarding the entrance put all of the people’s contributions into the chest. Whenever the chest became full, the court secretary and the high priest counted the money that had been brought to the LORD’s Temple and put it into bags. Then they gave the money to the construction supervisors, who used it to pay the people working on the LORD’s Temple—the carpenters, the builders, the masons, and the stonecutters. They also used the money to buy the timber and the finished stone needed for repairing the LORD’s Temple, and they paid any other expenses related to the Temple’s restoration.

The money brought to the Temple was not used for making silver bowls, lamp snuffers, basins, trumpets, or other articles of gold or silver for the Temple of the LORD. It was paid to the workmen, who used it for the Temple repairs. No accounting of this money was required from the construction supervisors, because they were honest and trustworthy men. However, the money that was contributed for guilt offerings and sin offerings was not brought into the LORD’s Temple. It was given to the priests for their own use. (2 Kings 12:9-16)
Joash, son of Ahaziah, took over the throne of Judah at age seven. Thanks to the good advice of Jehoiada the chief priest, Joash became a godly king. He placed a high priority on helping the people to get right with God. Repairing the Temple was the first place to start.

What a contrast between the workmen who needed no accounting of their use of the money, and the priests who couldn’t be trusted to handle their funds well enough to set some aside for the temple (2 Kings 12:8, 15). As trained men of God, the Levites should have been responsible and concerned. After all, the Temple was their life’s work. Though the priests were not dishonest, they did not have the commitment or energy needed to finish the work.
Sometimes God’s work is better accomplished by devoted laypeople. Don’t let a perceived lack of training or position stop you from contributing to God’s kingdom. Everyone’s energy and resources are needed to carry out God’s work. What will you contribute?
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